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SCV Outdoor Report: A Harlequin Romance

outdoorBy Wendy Langhans

This story has all the earmarks of a classic Harlequin romance.  A story of consuming passion, condemned by society, between a Bladderpod, a colorful boxer with “issues”, and a Harlequin bug, a zombie mother who, when threatened, feigns her own death and abandons her offspring.

Oh, and did I mention she’s an immigrant too?  And best of all, this story has a happy ending.  For you see, a Harlequin bug can live all her life on one Bladderpod shrub.  The story certainly sounds like a page-turner, doesn’t it?  But is this a true story or is it the product of my overactive imagination?  Let’s take a closer look at the details and find out.

Bladderpods (Isomeris arborea) get their name from their inflated seedpods, which resemble punching bags.  They can be found throughout Southern California, from the coast to the deserts.  This hardy and colorful shrub with bright yellow flowers is a member of the mustard family.  Hardy and colorful, yes, but with “issues”. Bladderpods have one characteristic that makes them unsuitable for the home garden – they have a disagreeable smell.




Harlequin bugs are immigrants, originally from Central America, they arrived in the US shortly after the Civil war.  For years, the USDA has been telling farmers how to get rid of these Harlequin bugs (Murgantia histrionica), because they (the bugs, not the USDA) have a consuming passion for plants in the mustard (cruciferae) family.  Like zombies, Harlequin bugs pierce these unsuspecting cabbages and broccoli with their needle-like mouthparts and extract their juices.  Harlequin bugs also lay their eggs on the underside of the Bladderpod’s leaves.  But she’s not an “overly protective” mother; when threatened, the Harlequin beetle will abandon her offspring by feigning her own death and dropping off the plant.

Still don’t believe my story?  Well, here’s the compromising photo:



Harlequin Bug and Bladderpod hanging out together

So you see, truth CAN be stranger than fiction.  Or not.  Because, while the details are true, the relationship is strictly platonic.


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SCV Outdoor Report: A Harlequin Romance

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