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SCV Outdoor Report: Fight Or Flight Reflex (part 2)….

By Wendy Langhans

we talked about how plants respond to leaf-eating predators through a
biochemical "fight or flight" response.


When a insect takes a bite out of a plant, the plant
responds by producing jasmonic acid. 
This triggers a variety of defensive responses:


 protective chemicals
that make the plant taste bad

 protective chemicals
that hinder the attacker's digestion 

 protective chemicals
that attracts predators of the attacking insect

bio-mechanical structures (with sharp points)


The ladybug on this horehound plant is hunting for plant-eating insects.

But just because a plant can fight doesn't mean it always should. 

A plant has a limited supply of energy; a defensive response
will divert metabolic resources away from other tasks.  And in the spring, no task is more important
that growing.


Especially in the spring, plants need to grow.  If they don't – and neighboring plants do,
they won't be able to get the sunlight they need to survive.  Sometimes plants need to make tough choices –
growth versus defense.


So how do they make this tough
?   As it turns out, the are "blinded
by the light".  Plants become more
resistant to the effects of jasmonic acid in response to the amount of
infra-red light bouncing off neighboring plant leaves.  The more light – the more resistance.  However, this same infra-red light increases
a plant's production of growth hormone. 
The more light – the more growth. 


So as the potential competition for light increases, fewer
plant resources are diverted to defense and more resources are committed to


As an analogy, picture a hot-rodder in a 32 Ford.  How do you think he will respond when he sees
a souped up Chevy approaching in his rear-view mirror?  It reminds me of a phrase from Bruce
Springsteen's, "Blinded by
the Light


And she was
blinded by the light

Cut loose
like a deuce another runner in the night


Perhaps we're more similar to plants than we thought.


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Saturday, March 21, 10-12 AM.  Wildflower hike at Elsmere

Heavy rain cancels.  For map and directions go here.  Park at the entrance to Whitney

Sponsored by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation


Saturdays, March 14 & 28, and every Wednesday, 8:00 AM.  Trail Maintenance Volunteers at Towsley Canyon.

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SCV Outdoor Report: Fight Or Flight Reflex (part 2)….

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