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SCV Outdoor Report: It Slices It Dices

1-scvoutdoorreport-logoBy Wendy Langhans

It’s a product just made for cable TV!  A cleaning sensation – laundry soap and a broom!  A shampoo that does wonders for dandruff!  A fisherman’s secret weapon!  Glue!  A tasty and nutritious treat!  And…it’s also good for cuts, muscle aches, water retention and stomach aches!  What is this miracle product, you may ask?  It’s Chlorogalum pomeridianum, otherwise know as Wavyleaf soap plant.


Photo courtesy S. Ioerger.


According to this website, “Chlorogalum pomeridianum occupies dry open hills and plains below 5,000 feet, chiefly in the valley grassland, coastal sage scrub, chaparral and foothill woodland plant communities, from southern Oregon to San Diego County, California.”  Native Americans and early settlers used this plant in a variety of ways.


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Laundry detergent.  After the fiberous coating was removed, the bulb was crushed and rubbed on clothes to create a soapy lather.  Think “Oxy-clean”.

Shampoo.  Same preparation.  Rubbed on wet hands or head.  Supposedly leaves your hair soft and shiny.  Think “Head and Shoulders”.

Broom.  The bulb fibers were collected and made into brushes and small brooms.  Think “Swiffer”.

Food.  The bulbs were dried for storage.  Later, they were slow roasted overnight in a stone-lined pit.  According to one source, they taste a bit like sweet potatoes.  Think “Top Chef on Bravo”.

Glue.  The sap that oozed out of the bulbs as they baked was used to attach feathers to the shaft of an arrow.  Think “Super Glue”.

Fishing.  According to Early Uses of California Plants, whole plants, including green leaves and bulbs, were crushed and thrown into “carefully dammed streams” to “stupefy the fish”.  The fish rose to the surface, where they were gathered by the waiting fishermen.  (Warning: this practice is illegal in California.)  Think “Pocket Fisherman by Ronco”.

Medicine.  Roasted bulbs were used as a poultice, while fresh bulbs were rubbed on the body.  Think “Icy Hot” or “Band-Aid”.

I’m amazed at all the ways Wavyleaf soap plant could be advertised on late-night TV.  Why, advertising revenues alone could keep at least one cable TV channel afloat.  Perhaps I ought to have a talk with the Sales Manager at KHTS.


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SCV Outdoor Report: It Slices It Dices

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