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SCV Outdoor Report: Things That Go “Whoo” In The Night

Where are you and “whoooooo’s” watching?

By Wendy Langhans

Do you know where you are? I don’t mean geopolitically – as in northern LosAngeles County inthe state of California. I mean ecologically? Can you name two trees that are native to ourarea?


Coast live oak and sycamore.


That’s good. Now, howabout three furry mammals?


Mountain lions and coyotes and…does my pet cat count?


Not really, but two out of three isn’t bad for a start. How about four night-flying raptors?


Um…you mean those dinosaurs in “JurrasicPark”.


I think you get my point.


I’m going to spend the next few weeks talking about night-flyingraptors – our local bird of prey – the owls. That way, when you head outdoors on Halloween night, you’ll be preparedfor things that go “whooo…” in the night. We’re going to start this week with:


GreatHorned Owls(bubo virginianus)



photo courtesy Lilian Darling Holt


This owl is found throughout much of North America,including urban parks and open spaces. It’sa large bird, with a length of 18-25” and a wingspan of 40-57”. It is mainly active at night, hunting smallrodents like mice, gophers and ground squirrels. It will also hunt snakes and skunks.


When we observe a Great Horned Owl, the first feature wenotice is its large eyes, which are almost as big as our own. In fact, if that owl were as big as us,proportionally its eyes would be the size of oranges.


The second feature we notice are the tufts of feathers thatlook like ears. They’re not. The real earsare located onthe sides of its head near the eyes, and are asymmetrically set, with the rightear slightly higher than the left. Thisgives the owl the ability to locate its prey by the sound it makes, because, asthe owl looks directly down, it can locate the source on both the x and yaxis.


Here’s an amazing videofrom the BBC that demonstrates what I mean. Even though this was filmed in the artic, ithelps us better understand our own little corner of the world. As the poet T.S Elliot said, “We shall notcease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive wherewe started and know the place for the first time




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SCV Outdoor Report: Things That Go “Whoo” In The Night

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