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SCV Outdoor Report: Waste Not – Want Not

By: Wendy Langhans



It was the smoothly carved notch in the wood that caught my


Like many people, I grew up playing with Lincoln
logs, so I’m familiar with the technique of notching logs to strengthen the
corners of a log cabin and minimize the need for protective “chinking” between
the logs.  But this was a feed bin,
located inside a barn.  Besides, the
notch was horizontal, not vertical.  So I
asked our interpretive guide, “Why did the farmer carve that notch here?”




His answer was direct and to the point, “So he could use a
shorter nail.  This way he could minimize
the amount of iron he needed.” 


Ah, now I saw it more clearly.  In that time and place (130 years ago in the backwoods
of Wisconsin), iron was more precious
than wood.  By carving out a notch in the
wood, the nail didn’t need to be as long. 
It was a perfect example of what my Grandma use to say, “Waste not; want


Nature is nothing if not frugal.  We see it in so many ways.  In our valley, where water is a precious
commodity, we see a thick waxy cuticle (coating) on the oak leaves, designed to
minimize water loss.




We see how plants disburse seeds by using a “burrs or hook” to hitch a
ride on the fur of a passing mammal.


And this evening some dusky-footed wood
will be using local materials (dry sticks) to help insulate his home.  Our ancestors also used local materials (dry
branches) to build protective fences around their vegetable gardens.




Let’s see:  (1)
conserving scarce resources, (2) using mass transit (3) insulating our homes
and (3) reusing and recycling local materials. Perhaps nature has something to
teach us about frugality. Something my Grandma always knew and I am learning to
value more and more. 


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SCV Outdoor Report: Waste Not – Want Not

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