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EPA Requiring New Certification For Contractors

EPAlogoEffective April 23, all contractors who perform work on Pre- 1978 buildings must be Certified Firms.

Failure to take the eight hour class and pass the test could result in a fine from the EPA in the amount of $37,500.00 per the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (40 CFR 745).

The dust created from work performed on homes, schools and children day care center buildings older than 1978 could poison both the inhabitants and workers from lead used in the paints used during the years before 1978. Mandated safe practices are now required to be followed.

Many contactors are unaware of the importance of good house keeping rules. This law makes it mandatory for all contactors who work in target buildings to take a class and become certified.

Since lead poison stays in pregnant women and children’s blood longer and is absorbed in to the blood stream either by inhaling or ingestion, schools, homes and places where children are cared for are the focus of this law. Also since lead is heavy, the dust tends to end up on the floors where children play with their toys. Lead does not go through your skin.

Painting contactors are the ones that can cause the most dust while sanding and scraping old painted surfaces. All workers should be wearing dust mask while doing this work on Target Buildings.

Also plastic must be placed on the floors and to protect personal property. Windows, vent ducts and doors must be sealed with plastic. A sign must be posted to warn others to stay out of the work area.

Clean up in also key in the work project. This is just a few requirements that became law this year for contactors who work on pre 1978 buildings.

An EPA consumer pamphlet is available for review and is required to be given to the home or building owner within 60 days of starting a remodeling project on target buildings. You can order the pamphlets by calling (510) 637-4050.

To read more about one local construction company, Randal Winter Construction, that went through this certification process, click here!

EPA Requiring New Certification For Contractors

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