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Evacuation Checklist and Priorities

Evacuation Checklist and Priorities


Level One – Grab and Go:

q       Children/spouse/small pets

q       Keys (keep them on your body during evacuation.  Do not set them down)

q       Credit Cards & IDq       Proof of residency Level Two- Time permitting:q       Cell phones and chargersq       Hard drives/laptops (You don’t need the keyboard and monitor.  They can be purchased if really needed.)q       Photo albumsq       Wedding ringsq       72-hour kitsq       FRS radiosq       Medications/vitaminsq       Kids favorite treasuresq       Important papersq       Current year tax infoq       Cash Level Three – Animals:q       Animalsq       Carriersq       Leadsq       Identification on animalsq       Current Photo of animalsq       Food, water, bowls/bucketsq       Description of special needs and contact info for horses being sent away.Level Four – Nice-to-haves:q       Open garage doors with electrically powered openers in case you lose power later.q       Calendar/Daytimer/Palm Pilotq       Personal phone bookq       Email addressesq       Email password for web logonq       Water and snacks for the car (it will be a traffic jam) 

Level Five – Around the house:

q       Unroll hoses

q       Ladder on leeward side of the house with a hose and nozzle nearbyq       Cover attic turbines, secure with duct tapeq       Attic vents on side of house boarded closed.q       Close all windowsq       Turn off power, gas and waterq       Close all interior doorsq       Unlock perimeter gatesq       Post notices about pool water and any animals, which may not have been evacuated.q       Call an out of area communication point person and direct all friends and family to contact that point person not you.  It’s too hectic to take all the calls offering help. Level Six – Luxuries:

q       Hotel/motel phone numbers or

q       Call destination housing

q       Bathing suits and sandals (we just waited for 2 days at our destination and they had a pool)q       Sunscreenq       Mosquito repellentq       Sunglasses Comments:This is list is meant to be a suggestion.  You need to evaluate each incident and determine what is safest for you, your family and your animals.   


Evacuation Checklist and Priorities

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