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First Quarter 2005 Sales Tax Up 2.6%

Sales tax figures for the first quarter of 2005 (January through March, 2005) have been calculated and the City of Santa Clarita is reporting an overall increase of 2.6% over the same period one year earlier.

For the first quarter of 2005, the City of Santa Clarita realized $6.03 million in sales tax, compared with $5.88 million just one year earlier. While modest, the increase is reflective of typical first quarter sales tax numbers.

“Usually in the first quarter of the calendar year, sales tend to be a bit lower because it is just after the holidays. The good news is that Santa Clarita is growing in some specific areas such as transportation, food and retail, which is great for the local economy,” commented Gina Schuchard, the City’s Finance Manager.

Compared with the same period one year earlier, sales tax increased 8.3% in general retail; 7% in food products and 5.2% in transportation. Construction sales were down 13.2% for the first quarter, and business to business sales saw a 7.7% decline during the same period.

The City utilizes the revenue from sales tax for constructing new parks, adding more Sheriff’s deputies, building and maintaining roadways, and improving the overall quality of life in Santa Clarita.

First Quarter 2005 Sales Tax Up 2.6%

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