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Healthy Santa Clarita Debuts

There will be a special Healthy Santa Clarita seminar at the Bouquet Canyon Senior Apartments at noon on Thursday, June 30, 2005.


Mayor Cameron Smyth will be joined by fitness enthusiast Joann Wabisca, local nutritionist Tami Hulcher, Hop Sports Athletic Trainer Tom Root, and Tina Landrum of Whole Foods, for this special seminar at the Bouquet Canyon Senior Apartments, 26705 Bouquet Canyon Road.


The Healthy Santa Clarita program is an effort on behalf of the City and various community members to help educate our children, adults, and our senior community about the benefits of healthy living.


Local nutritionist Tami Hulcher will discuss how to make healthy food choices to enhance longevity, bone health, and basic health needs.  In addition, Hop Sports athletic training facility will give folks a few tips on how to stay fit, as well as teach the senior community various exercises that can be done at home, or in collaboration with friends. 


Fitness Enthusiast, Joanne Wabisca, will discuss starting a fitness regime for seniors, as well emphasize that it is never too late to begin living a healthier life.  Additionally, Whole Foods Market representative, Tina Landrum, will provide the group with food samples and highlight how healthy living starts with proper food selection.         


“It is important that our senior community is educated on the benefits of healthy living for several reasons, including the opportunity to prolong life, and to emphasize to the senior community that now is the

perfect time to enhance quality of life, and to look and feel great,” Commented Mayor Smyth.


The City has launched a special Healthy Santa Clarita website, which provides a calendar of local, healthy activities, tips for kids, teens and adults on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, plus a special business directory of city businesses that augment a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy Santa Clarita, adopted by the City Council for 2005, is in response to the growing number of obese adults and children in the United States.  One out of two adults is overweight or obese and 54% of all adults are not regularly active.  The prevalence of overweight and obese children and adolescence has doubled since 1980. 


“I believe we can have a real impact on personal health right here in our community,” added Smyth.



Healthy Santa Clarita Debuts

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