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Urgent Request: Send an Email to the Governor Today

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to visit Mexico on a trade mission immediately following the November 7th election, and it has come to our attention that his office was approached by CEMEX to visit its corporate offices during this trip.
As you may know, CEMEX is headquartered in Monterey, Mexico. We urge you to contact the Governor immediately and let him know that his constituents do not approve of him meeting with a company that threatens to endanger our public health, our environmental resources and our very quality of life by operating a mega-mine in our backyard. To have an impact, we need each and every one of our coalition members (you) to send an email to his office. It’s simple and can be effective if we organize our collective voices!
For your convenience, we have provided you with sample e-mail that you can send the Governor.  Simply copy the message below, tailor it as you see fit, and paste it in the message box on the Governor’s e-mail webpage  Under subject line, please type "Stop the Cemex Mega-Mine".
Please note that there is a 6,000 character maximum for messages submitted electronically.
Dear Governor,
I strongly urge you to NOT visit CEMEX during your upcoming Mexico trade mission! As a resident of Santa Clarita, ranked among the "Best Places to Live in 2006" by CNN/Money Magazine, please demonstrate your commitment to protecting the health of California families and our environment and cancel any planned visit to CEMEX offices or headquarters.
As you may know, CEMEX has proposed a 69-million ton sand and gravel mega-mine and concrete batch plant in Soledad Canyon, just one short mile from our wonderful city. As residents, we are extremely concerned about the health and environmental dangers, potential property devaluation and massive drop in our quality of life if this mine goes forward as proposed.  
The proposed CEMEX mega-mine will:
*        Remove enough sand, rock and gravel to fill the Rose Bowl 127 times throughout the 20 years of   mining. 
*         Add up to 1,164 big trucks trips, every day to Los Angeles already congested freeways;
*        Put 18 wheelers and other trucks onto local freeways on average of every two minutes, 24 hours a day; and
*        Cause significant amounts of dust and emissions to be released into the air, which will negatively impact those with asthma and other breathing issues, especially children and seniors.
A massive Citizen’s Coalition of nearly 8,000 residents, educators, civic leaders, public health advocates, local elected officials and business leaders from northern Los Angeles County has been mobilized to oppose the proposed CEMEX mega-mine. Given the intensity of the opposition to this proposal by the residents of our community, we believe that a visit by you to a CEMEX facility would send a negative message that would reverberate through our community and broader Los Angeles County. 
This fight is a number #1 priority for our community and the City of  Santa Clarita…we will continue to voice our opposition to the proposed mine and seek support from our elected officials.
Your visit to CEMEX sends the wrong message to Southern California families and businesses. Please do not visit CEMEX on your trip, and stand with us as we fight to maintain our quality of life.  Thank you.
Thank you, again, for your interest and support.  We will continue to communicate information on the fight against the CEMEX mega mine.

Urgent Request: Send an Email to the Governor Today

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