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Ewart Family: Monday Update

We have had a LOT of detailed information come in today/tonight that will
need to be sorted & organized so it can be sent out in a cohesive manner.
Please bear with us as we send the most important information out tonight
and tomorrow we will bring everyone completely up-to-date with a more
detailed report.

MICHAEL is doing great!  He was moved across the hall out of ICU today!!!!!
He is walking a little (with help) and is very anxious to get home.
Jonathan visited him today and was playing x-box with his step-dad in his
room.  They asked Michael if he thought he could play and he said yes.
Michael played Star Wars Battlefront for about 5 minutes and he did pretty
good.   You can check Jonathan’s website for more details from his visit
today:   <> . Very soon, Michael will
be allowed visitors, however they will be done on a scheduled basis only.
We will send complete details and procedures tomorrow.

DAVID is still struggling with the removal of the ventilator.  David becomes
agitated when he comes out of the sedation which is necessary for the
removal of the ventilator, so they haven’t been able to remove it as yet.
Please, please pray for calm and successful removal of the respirator, soon.
They are keeping him sedated and quiet – no visitors – while they try to
give his lungs time to heal. 

*  Jeff Pulliam (Michael, Jonathan & Heather’s Uncle, Jacqui’s brother) has
asked us to forward the following heartfelt letter.  Here it is:

Friends, family, churches and community supporting the Ewart Family –

It is beyond the expressions of mortals the enormous gratitude that we
out-of-town family members have for this community, what you’ve done, and
are continuing to do for our loved ones in the tragedy they’ve experienced.
You’ve drawn a circle of love and support around our loved ones and have
taken them into your hearts and hands.  I can tell you that I see the love,
prayers, support, thoughts, and actions all making a difference.  Please
accept our love and thanks for the accomplishments so far and for those yet
to come.  The road to recovery is very long, and there is much left to do.
It is evident there are many hands that are willing to help, and that help
is very much needed and appreciated. It all makes a difference – and that
difference is very much worth making.  These are special people, and we are
privileged to call them family.  We are grateful that you are their friends.

Thank you,

The Pulliam Family
Patricia Pulliam (‘Grandma’) Tucson, AZ
Jeff & Lori Pulliam (‘Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lori’ – Cousins Matthew, Ben,
Nathaniel, Krissi & Matt (Madeline, Erik)) San Jose, CA Joette &Harold
Copeland(‘Aunt Joette and Uncle Harold’- Cousins Chris &Vanessa, Kevin
&Irma)) Tucson, AZ Susan Pulliam & Ralph Therrien (‘Aunt Susie & Uncle
Ralph’ – Cousins Jasmine,  Justin) Montreal, Canada Anna and Raymond Taylor
(‘Aunt Anna & Uncle Raymond’ – Cousin Patti (Elizabeth and Samantha))
Tucson, AZ Larry and Janice Pulliam (‘Uncle Larry and Aunt Janice’)
Lexington Kentucky

*  Last night we had a LOT of emails bounced back through Yahoo.  If you
know of someone who did not received their email, you may want to suggest
that they check their level of Spam alert – it is possible that the email
was rejected for that reason.  Please let us know if you need us to send you
or a friend a copy.

* The general website,  <> is
available for anyone needing general information.

Thank you, as always for your continued support & prayers. 

Ewart Family: Monday Update

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