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Ewart Family: Thursday Update

Here’s the latest update on the Ewart Family. In the early morning on Tuesday, December 20th, fire destroyed their Valencia home. Six family members were in the house at the time, three were seriously injured and sent to the Grossman Burn Center.  Since the fire, our Valley has jumped in to assist.  This is the latest update courtesy of neighbors, Josy and Steve Block.


MICHAEL is getting physical and occupational therapy at least once per day.  They are actively working his hands, arms and legs.  Of course, if you know Michael, everything is a "competition", so he is doing more than what they are asking of him!  He is on track for tomorrow’s surgery.


DAVID was scheduled to have the respirator tube removed sometime on Wednesday.  This is very good news – it is pretty much one of the last obstacles that he needs to overcome.  Soon he should be talking.


Jonathan’s Website – WOW!  This was so popular and had so many visitors that the thing just kept crashing!  Keep trying and hopefully you’ll be able to get on – there are some fun pictures & details.  If, however, you are unable to get on, lots of people were asking what his update was.  We will quote yesterday’s updates –  directly from Jonathan – dated 1/3/06:


"I visited him (Michael) Tuesday the 3rd from about 11:30 to 12:30 and his synthetic skin was peeling on the left side of his face.  The parts that peeled off looked very good, just like new, soft baby skin!  My mom and I were very excited.  Also, his hands were uncovered.  They were a little purple and swollen and his fingernails were black, but the doctors said they were good compared to most people.  Michael took a "shower" today, in the whirlpool and he said it did not hurt as much as last time.  Michael then did exercises with his fingers for at least half an hour.  The physical therapist said his muscles were working great and that his hands would most likely heal and have normal use later on.  Michael was extremely tired when I saw him because he had just gone through all that and a dressing change.  So, I left and decided to come back later when he is more awake".


Regarding David:  "Nothing has happened, but no news is good news :).  Tonight we will find out if the respirator can be removed so keep your fingers crossed. :)" 


* Fundraising Meeting – The people who signed up to be part of the Fundraising group will be meeting this Saturday 1/7/06 at 9:00am at the Valencia Hills Clubhouse – 24060 Oak Vale Drive, Valencia, CA 91355.  We will be discussing the various suggestions that have been made, directional details, planning calendar and more.

Ewart Family: Thursday Update

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