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Ewart Family Tragedy: Friday Update

This is the latest update courtesy of Tim Shaner, on the Ewart Family, victims of a home fire on Tuesday in Valencia.

WE LOVE SCV!  Seeing the community pull together with such fortitude and determination is just overwhelming.  Thanks for all your great comments, encouragement, ideas and suggestions!  ** Tune in tonight 12/22/05 at 10pm, channel 11 for a news story on the Ewarts – they will be sharing lots of information with the viewing audience**

Here is the latest on the family:
*  Esther Ewart (the grandmother) was discharged from Henry Mayo Hospital yesterday afternoon and is with her son (Duncan).   

*  The three Ewarts (Hugh, Dave and Michael) have all come through their first of many surgeries this morning.  

 *  Hugh has a few burns on his face and hands.  He will undergo surgery on Tuesday where they will begin work with "synthetic skin".  He is responding well, but his status is still critical.    

*  David has more third degree burns than they had originally thought.  More than 35% of his body has been burnt.  There is concern with his lungs.  He inhaled a lot of heat and soot.  His second surgery will happen on Monday morning 12/26/05.  

*  Michael’s condition is similar to his dad’s.  They have him listed at 50% of his body burned with more third degree burns than originally thought. Michael will also face his second surgery on Monday morning.  His condition remains as critical, but stable.   

* The most extensive burns are on David’s back and on Michael’s face.
Please continue to pray for the boys.  

*  The other Ewart kids are staying with their uncle.  Michael’s mom is staying near the burn center so she doesn’t have to commute such a huge drive twice a day.   

*  Christmas Gifts – Leslie Robertson has volunteered to coordinate getting Christmas presents to the family.  She can be reached at (661) 288-2185, or emailed at  She will coordinate the pick up & transfer of Christmas gifts to the Ewarts.  If you are dropping off gifts, please make sure they are already wrapped.   

*  The preferred gifts are gift cards that the kids can use later.   

*  Clothing – Thank you to everyone for your clothing donations.  There are no longer clothing needs for any of the kids.  David will need everything. We have a call out to find out his specific sizes for shirts, pants, socks, shoes, jackets, etc.  Will advise when we get the details. Additionally, if anyone really, really wants to donate clothes for the kids (and especially David), the family would prefer gift cards for clothing stores, such as The Gap, Old Navy, Tilly’s, etc.   

*  Christmas Break Activities – We are told that the kids would appreciate gift cards for activities to keep them busy through the holidays before school resumes.  Passes for the Movies, Ice Skating, Mountasia and the like would be appreciated.   

*  The LA Times incorrectly published the Blood Donation information.  The correct information is:  Tuesday 12/27/05 from 3:00pm – 9:00pm at the Valencia Hills Clubhouse.  Contact Linda Skvarna at 254-4500 for additional information or to sign up.

*Instead of canned foods and boxed foods, we are now being asked to donate gift cards to Vons or Ralphs.   






*Boy Scout Troops 609 and 888 will be coordinating a Community Swim-A-Thon to take place after the new year.  More details will be forthcoming.

 *Several local networking groups BNI/businesses are matching member dollar donations.  If you are a business owner and would like to match-funds with your employees, please let us know.

* Patricia Teichert, owner of Remember When…Scrapbooking has offered to donate all the products needed to assemble a treasured scrapbook for the family.  Additionally, she is offering her Patti-O Scrapbook Cropping area for FREE on January 28, 2006 from 5:00pm to 10:00pm.  Donations will be accepted that evening and there will be fund-raising opportunities being offered.  Details will be forthcoming as we get closer to the date.  Lots of media coverage will be planned.  

*  A Scrapbooking event is scheduled at the OO2 Clubhouse at 6:00pm on Friday, January 13, 2006.  Bring photos and your own supplies.  If you have photos that you want to submit, but not work on a scrapbook page, please send them to:  Imagination Station,

PO Box 220983, Newhall, CA


. Please mark the envelope with "EWART PICTURES" so we can differentiate pictures from cards & letters.

*The Valencia Hills Swim Team recently held a garage sale and Texas Hold’em fund raisers.  They are donating the entire amount to the Ewart Catastrophe Fund.  There will be another Texas Hold’em tournament the first week of March.  We will start an interest list – please drop us an email if you’d be interested in participating.  The Valencia Hills Swim Team is accepting donations from swim team families to add to the funds we already have.  Just bring your donation to the Clubhouse and label it "Ewart swim team donation".   

Please mark the envelope with "Ewart Pictures" so we can differentiate pictures from cards and letters.

. Please mark the envelope with "EWART PICTURES" so we can differentiate pictures from cards & letters.


 *Extreme Home Makeover – there were about 25 people at the Ewart’s filming the video for Extreme Home Makeover this morning.  Brandon Crawford and Patrick Reed will edit and they will conduct a few more interviews of friends in the next two days.  It will then be sent off with the 6-page application.  The Channel 11 news will be showing a clip from the boys’
video!  Great publicity!  

. Please mark the envelope with "EWART PICTURES" so we can differentiate pictures from cards & letters.


. Please mark the envelope with "EWART PICTURES" so we can differentiate pictures from cards & letters.


* Date & Time for Mistletoe packaging & selling and Carolers will be forthcoming.  All interested parties can respond to this email and we will send your email addresses to the Mistletoe Coordinator.  

 *  Contact List:   

If you want to be added to our e-mail distribution list, or if you have fund-raising ideas,  please contact Josy at   

Meals – Diane Kaufler email: (661) 259-2766   

Blood Drive – Linda Skvarna email: (661) 254-4500   

Monetary Donations – Wells Fargo Bank, Checks made payable to David Ewart Catastrophe Fund, must reference account number  860-615-5136.   

Christmas Gift, Food Card, Gift Card Drop Off:    

Valencia Hills Clubhouse –

24060 Oak Vale Drive, Valencia, CA


Secondary Location:  Michelle Crawford’s Home (661) 222-7398  






Cards and Letters – address to Imagination Station /David Ewart,

PO Box 220983 Newhall, CA







Pictures – address to Imagination Station / PICTURES,

PO Box 220983, Newhall, CA







Church – Newhall Church of the Nazarene 23857 The

Old Road, Newhall, CA



 Thank you everyone for your amazing response, thoughts, prayers, contributions and hard work in rallying for the Ewarts.  Your efforts are deeply appreciated.   

Until next time, Josy and Steve Block


Ewart Family Tragedy: Friday Update

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