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Ewart Family Tragedy: Friday Update

The following is the latest update, courtesy of Josy & Steve Block on the Ewart Family tragedy. Fire destroyed the Ewart’s Valencia Home on Tuesday, December 20th. Three family members escaped with minor injuries. Michael, David and Hugh, however, suffered critical injuries. All three are currently at the Grossman Burn Center. Here is the Block’s report from Thursday night.

We learned that the Grossman Center Hotline is not necessarily the most accurate or up-to-date method of retrieving information.  Today (Thursday) we learned that Michael and Davids condition continues to be critical, but stable.

Michael had his surgery today (Thursday).  The surgery was very successful.  They harvested skin from his legs & applied it to his hands, arms and fingers.  They worked on his face & chest, but left his back alone today.  

David is scheduled for a big surgery tomorrow (Friday), and remains in critical, but stable condition.

Hugh is in better shape and may be released in a few days.

* The turnout at today’s (Thursday’s) Blood Drive at the Grossman Burn Center was excellent.  As of 5:00pm, they had collected over 50 pints.

* Special thanks to Dennis Dreith from EOPF for putting us in contact with a webmaster.  Together we are working very hard to design a website for the Ewart family as a means of sharing information, leaving messages for the family, making donations (so we can expand to the rest of the nation/world), etc.  We will keep you posted on the progress of the website.

* If anyone has digital pictures of David, Hugh, Esther and/or the kids, can you please email them to me at:  We are looking to add just a few pictures to the website.

* Thanks to ABC 7 News for a follow-up story that ran today on the 5pm news.  They reported from the Grossman Burn Center, as well as doing an interview in front of David’s burned down house.  We appreciate the media keeping this story in front of the viewing audience.

* Starting this week, Jacqui and Fred have requested rotating dinners.  If you would like to volunteer to bring a meal, please contact Diane Kaufler at (661) 259-2766.  If you are already on Diane’s list, she will give you a call when needed.

* Thanks to Western Bagel for providing dozens of bagels to the Grossman Burn Center for the wonderful staff this week!  Yeah!

* Thanks, SCV for coming through again!  We now have access to a storage facility in Castaic!  The owners of Castaic Lake Storage have offered a 10 x 10 storage facility.  This will be great to store the many donations that people wish to give, which includes:  2 couches, a coffee table, a refrigerator, stove, microwave, 2 computers, a printer, an end table, and assorted furniture items.  As details unfold, we will contact the individuals who offered donations to coordinate getting the items to the storage facility.  Thanks, again!

* We have received emails from teachers from the kids’ preschool and jr. high noting that they may be able to dig up some pictures from the archives and some copies of the kids’ work to "replace" whatever they can.

* Reminder – Michelle Crawford needs more volunteers to help man the donation booth at the Wm. Hart Baseball Spring Tryouts.  Please contact Michelle at:  222-7398.

* Michelle Crawford is working on a Scrapbook called, "While you were Sleeping" and it will contain everything that is going on for the Ewarts while they are in the hospital.  Great idea, Michelle!  If anyone has any pictures you’d like to contribute, please contact Michelle at the number above.

* We have 14 openings left for the Scrapbook Event at Remember When…Scrapbooking on January 28, 2006 from 5pm to 10pm at the Scrapbook Store on Lyons.  If you’d like to sign up, please email me at:

* We have some great ideas coming in that we will be pursuing over the course of the next several months…this includes a Gala Event,  possibly in conjunction with a Silent Auction.  We are looking at a Charity Boutique, working with local businesses to have a portion of their proceeds to be contributed to the catastrophe fund, a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, a Comedy Night at a local club, local benefit concert, and much, much more.

* Letters to the Ewarts…today, the bank handed me a stack of letters/cards that they received with donations for the Ewarts.  There were a couple of them that we just had to share.  The first:

Dear Ewart Family,  We saw the story in the Signal about what happened on Tuesday and we decided to help with a fundraiser.  I’m in high school, so we just decided to set up a table at Stater Bros. in Canyon Country on Christmas Eve, Saturday, for donations.  Several people said they knew you or knew what had happened.  We collected $74.47 in about 4 hours.  Anyway, I hope it helps.  We hope the surgery goes well and wish you the best.  We’ll pray for a successful surgery.  Sincerely, Steve.   


The spirit of giving is alive and well and it is so touching to read these letters from the heart.  Thank you – whoever you are!


* We are looking for a Fund-Raiser Coordinator to be a central contact for various projects we are planning.  We know that everyone wants to pitch in, but we need to be careful not to have dozens of people hitting up the same restaurants/businesses for the same thing.  If we can have one central person who can coordinate the activities and keep an ongoing list of who has been contacted, it will run much smoother.  We have a Professional Fund Raiser who has offered to consult a fund-raising committee, but a conflict-of-interest in her agreement prohibits her from actually participating in putting it together.  She will be a valuable resource.  We also have another expert fund-raiser who can schedule everything, but with a full-time job, she will need help with some of the details.  We need someone with strong organizational skills and great people skills.  If you are available to help in this capacity, please contact me via email. 

* Fund Raising Committee – we are looking for a few people who have strong organizational skills and great people skills who would be willing to work together to help schedule, plan and execute several fundraisers to benefit the Ewarts.  If you are interested, please contact me via email.

As always, heartfelt thanks to this amazing community!! 

















Ewart Family Tragedy: Friday Update

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