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Ewart Family Tragedy: Sunday Update

Here’s the latest update on the Ewart Family. In the early morning on Tuesday, December 20th, fire destroyed their Valencia home. Six family members were in the house at the time, three were seriously injured and sent to the Grossman Burn Center.  Since the fire, our Valley has jumped in to assist.  This is the latest update courtesy of neighbors, Josy and Steve Block. 


Hugh Ewart – Hugh is still in the hospital but is expected to be released any day. 


David Ewart came through surgery very well.  He is still in critical, but stable condition.  No word on when the respirator will be removed.  He will not need any further grafts at this point, provided that the grafts that they did yesterday take well. 


Michael Ewart – The ventilator was finally pulled out.  He is breathing on his own!!!  He is becoming more aware of his surroundings.  Michael’s condition has been upgraded to "serious, but stable".  Michael will still have at least one major surgery.

* iPod…A HUGE THANK YOU to John Noonan for hustling, in the rain, to pick up the iPod for Michael.  Suzette Bloom generously donated the whole amount for the iPod – her generosity is immensely appreciated.  THANK YOU!! 


*  As Michael becomes more aware of his surroundings, he is going to have some challenges as he works through internalizing everything that has happened.  He is a HUGE SPORTS FAN, and soon he’ll be ready to watch a TV in his room.  The family would like to know if anyone has TIVO’d any of the major games he may have missed in the past week and a half?  If anyone could record some of the games to DVD or VIDEO, it would be most appreciated. 


*  The family is hoping to get some SPORTS STARS in to see Michael – maybe in a couple of weeks or so.  This can really help his healing process and keep his mind busy with non-hospital thoughts.  Does anyone have an "in" with the Dodgers, Lakers or the Galaxy?  The family wouldn’t even know who to call to arrange this, so if there’s anyone out there that could provide a contact name and/or arrange such a meeting, please let us know.

*  One of our local RN’s has offered nursing care for Hugh when he is released from the hospital. 


*  Thanks to all the folks who responded to our call for help with transporting the "big ticket" items to the Storage Facility.  As soon as we are able to coordinate the logistics of pick-up & delivery, we will contact you.  We are still hoping to find a person who might be able to be the Furniture Donation Coordinator…if anyone can help in this capacity, please let us know. 


That is all for tonight’s update. 


Best wishes to each and every one of you for a Happy and Healthy New Year.  You have been amazing in your outpouring to help the Ewart family.  We applaud all your efforts to pitch-in when needed.  This is a phenomenal network full of smart, caring, helpful, loving, talented friends, strangers and family to which anyone would be proud to be associated with.  


Thanks for your continued prayers & support. 




Ewart Family Tragedy: Sunday Update

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