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Ewart Family Weekly Update

Here’s the latest weekly update on the Ewart Family. In the early morning on Tuesday, December 20th, fire destroyed their Valencia home. Six family members were in the house at the time, three were seriously injured and sent to the Grossman Burn Center.  David and Michael Ewart were in the most serious condition. David was the final family member to be released from the Grossman Burn Center, weeks after the fire. Since the fire, our Valley has jumped in to assist as the Ewart’s recover.  This is the latest update courtesy of neighbors, Josy and Steve Block.



We are so appreciative of all the friends & family that are continuing to show their support for the Ewarts!  They continue to have tremendous needs, physically, mentally and financially…
Overall, MICHAEL is doing pretty well.  He is working hard at school and physical therapy.  That is pretty much his life right now.  He still gets easily tired and is often itchy and/or in pain, however, he still has his incredibly positive attitude and does not complain.  The good news is that his back is completely closed up now and they no longer need to put dressings on it.  The skin is extremely thin and will open easily if bumped or scratched, but those little areas heal up quickly.  He is having what will hopefully be his final visit with the infectious disease specialist this week.  Michael had several serious infections while he was in the hospital, that is one of the reasons that they wanted him out of there so quickly- there are less germs at home than in the hospital.  He has been off from antibiotics for about 2 weeks now and his first set of test results all came back normal.  They will get his 2nd set of results and they will take a 3rd set of tests this week.  He needs 3 consecutive normal results to be cleared of the staff infection.  The other infections are all cleared up.
On a not-so-good note, Michael’s skin is beginning to harden, scar and generally tighten up.  This is a normal part of the process, but the mobility on his arms is decreasing rather than increasing.  He continues to work hard in physical therapy – his sessions are about two hours long, plus he exercises at home – and he is still wearing the splints at night and when possible during the day.  Unfortunately, they may be fighting a losing battle – surgery is probably inevitable.  He has an appointment with Dr. Grossman this week and hopefully they’ll know more after that.
DAVID has received his pressure garment.  He describes it as his own personal sweat tank, and "affectionately" calls it his torture garment.  It is a tight fitting garment that zips up on the sleeves and tummy.  It is worn on his upper body only.  It is very, very tight and feels like it is going to explode!  The purpose of the garment is to reduce scarring over time.  He is supposed to wear it 24/7…but for the moment, at least until a 2nd garment is received he is taking time off for washings.  His therapy is going well and is expected to continue for months.  He has very limited mobility in his hands because of the contractions that the skin goes through.  This is currently affecting his ability in terms of practicing the violin.  It is a very big challenge for him, and although he is dabbling at the violin, it may take a few more months of extreme effort than desired.  Rehabilitation is a huge challenge.  His target date is to play decently by April 30th for the Cowboy Music Festival.  If anyone can do it, it’s David, that’s for sure!
*  We want to send a huge amount of THANKS to Eddie Frierson for an amazing performance of "MATTY" on Saturday night!  There’s no question he far exceeded anyone’s expectations and provided an entertaining and thought provoking evening for all!  He provided many "life-lessons" to reflect upon and sent such a strong & meaningful message to the adults and kids alike!  He is an amazing talent, and if you were not able to make it to this event, we’d strongly recommend that you not miss it if the opportunity should ever arise for you again.  You can check his website for future performances at: .  We also want to thank Patti Finley of the Canyon Theater Guild for helping to provide the props needed for this performance!  We are grateful for Gail Hart’s efforts in providing the Hart High Auditorium for this event!  Thanks to the Stage Crew, Tim & Sarah and Mr. C and Lew White.  Our thanks wouldn’t be complete without thanking you, the audience for your generous contributions and support!
TOMORROW (Monday, 2/28/06) night is the Don Cuco’s fund raiser from 5:00pm to 10:00pm.  Remember, whether you eat your dinner there, or take it home with you, you will need to bring the flyer (go to & click on "flyers") & click on "flyers") for the Ewarts to receive their benefited amount.  Don Cuco’s is located at 24130 Lyons Avenue (661) 254-4874, and they will donate 20% of the nights’ sales to the Ewarts, so come on out & enjoy an evening with friends & festivities!   NOTE:  If you are going to be at Don Cuco’s, you can contact Mary Berg or Josy Block to order your Jay Leno tickets.  Please bring your checkbook and we will write down all of your information and mail your tickets to you on Wednesday.
*  Thank you to the Magazine of Santa Clarita for their great coverage of the Ewart story!!  They have done an outstanding job of bringing this story to the community and we are all thrilled about it!   The Ewarts are mentioned in the note from the Publishers on page 5, a Jay Leno ad and story is on page 34, a picture & story about the Ewarts is on page 43, and our upcoming events are listed on page 42!  Isn’t this great?!?
*  Thank you to the folks at Channel 6 for offering to run the Jay Leno ad on their channel!
* Kudos to the folks at San Marino Financial Services for providing the water for the Jay Leno Benefit performance!  We appreciate everything that you are continuing to do in support of aiding the Ewart family!
Are you still reading the updates & checking the website?  We’re asking you all to please read the updates as they come through weekly.  We know that some of the information is repetitive, but please don’t "tune it out".  These events are very important to help the family…and if we don’t remind people, we’re afraid they may forget to sign up for something.  The event planners are spending a lot of time and energy to provide a variety of events for people to participate in, and it is heartbreaking for them when the response is low.  Please share this with your friends so we can keep the momentum going!  No one expects everyone to participate in every event – the idea is to provide a variety of things for people of all interests & means to participate in. 

*  The Valencia Hills Texas Hold’Em tournament is fast approaching.  The planners would like to be able to accommodate everyone who will be attending.  If you are planning to play on Sat. night, please stop by the Valencia Hills Clubhouse to drop off your entry fee to Leah Thompson.  The Clubhouse is located at:  24060 Oakvale, Valencia, CA 91355.  We are planning for a fabulous Mardi Gras party.  Just a reminder, the funds we raise at this event will be used to benefit the fantastic VHHA swimmers during the season and hopefully encourage more teenagers to join the swim team.  In addition to raising funds for the swim team, a portion of the proceeds will go to our fellow swim team members and neighbors, the Ewarts.  The entire Ewart family has been invited to join in the fun.  Everyone is welcome to play in this tournament – invite your friends – the more the merrier!  Details below.

*  Do you live in Valencia Hills, Old Orchard or the Summit?  If so, do you have some spare room in your garage that you could sacrifice for just a couple of weeks?  So many wonderful folks have offered to donate some larger items for the upcoming garage sale on March 11th, and the garages on Via Escovar are filling up!  We have a couple of couches that need a place to be stored until the 11th – if you can help, please contact Deborah Mann at  We promise – after March 11th, you’ll have your space back.
*  Will the scrapbookers that are working on the SWIM TEAM Scrapbook…VARIETY SHOWS Scrapbook…WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING Scrapbook…Please drop us a note to let us know how things are coming along.  Remember, if you are working on individual pages, we’d like to have them submitted by March 4th, for inclusion in the albums for the 3/18 presentation (thanks!!)
*  Next Fundraiser meeting is on Saturday, March 4, 2006 at 10:00am at Mary Berg’s house.  If you need the address, please contact Mary at (661) 259-2877.
Second Storage Facility – there have been delays in getting the second storage unit to house furniture items that are being donated to the family.  Thanks to everyone for their continued patience as we work to get the container moved and cleaned.  In the meantime, if there are any other storage units available, please let us know so we can begin to relocate big ticket items from the donors homes.  (thank you!)

*  An Evening With Jay Leno Benefit Performance – Featuring the music of David Ewart’s friends, including the Sound Vibes!  Proceeds will benefit the Ewart and Baker families.  Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 7:30pm at Hart High School Auditorium (23825 Newhall Avenue, Newhall, CA 91321).  Ticket prices are $100 for VIP/Assigned Seating, and $50.00 for general admission.  We will have a Silent Auction & Raffle, with amazing prizes, such as VIP tickets to The Tonight Show (including your picture with Jay Leno, green room access and a backstage tour!).  There will be many fun items to bid on.  Doors will open at 6:30pm for the Silent Auction. We have been receiving some truly AMAZING items for the Silent Auction!  You won’t want to miss it!

*  Tickets for Jay Leno - Hurry to get your tickets – the auditorium is filling up – we are halfway sold out!!!!  To order tickets for the Jay Leno Benefit Performance, please send your check, plus $1 for postage & handling to:  Imagination Station, PO Box 220983, Newhall, CA 91321.  Please make your tax-deductible checks payable to EOPF, and write "Jay Leno" in the memo line.  Your tickets and a receipt will be mailed within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  VIP tickets will have a seat number assigned.  Remember…(postage is now .39-cents (we have been receiving a LOT of letters with 2-cents postage due, which means we need to wait in a 30-minute line at the post office just to pay the 2-cents).  

*  Volunteers!  We will be having a "logistics meeting" later this week to work out all the details of our volunteer staff.  Once everything is figured out, we will contact those who expressed an interest in volunteering and provide you with the specifics.
ADVERTISING – Check out our easy-to-use advertising forms on the website (  Click on "flyers", then on "Advertising for Jay Leno Program".  We are accepting PERSONAL and BUSINESS ads up until March 10, 2006.  Contact Mary Berg (661) 259-2877 if you have additional questions.  This keepsake program will be cherished by many as a memory of a special evening.  The Ewarts will have great pleasure reading their friends good wishes & thoughts! 




*  Saturday, March 4THIS WEEKEND!!!  It’s MARDI GRAS at the Valencia Hills HOA as the Wave Swim Team presents a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.  This will take place on Saturday night, March 4th at the Valencia Hills Clubhouse, 24060 Oak Vale Drive, Valencia, CA 91355 (661) 259-8400.  Sign-in is 5:00pm and play begins promptly at 6:00pm.  The buy-in is $35, and a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Ewart family (once the Swim Team needs have been met).  If you’re not a poker player, but you don’t want to miss the fun, you can just come & party, or cheer your favorite player on!  Just a $10.00 cover charge for food and drink.  Please call Kathy Peer at (661) 255-2483 if you would like to sign up!  It’s sure to be a night to remember – everyone always comes home with "stories"!!!

*  Saturday, March 11If your home is like our home, it could use an early Spring Cleaning!  Remember, the folks on David’s street, Via Escovar, are planning a huge block-wide garage sale for March 11th, from 7am to 11am.   While cleaning your home, if you come across some treasures, please contact Deborah Mann to arrange dropping off your treasures so they can sell it at their garage sale!  They can even arrange for pick-up or drop-off of merchandise.  It will help clean out your clutter and benefit the Ewarts at the same time!  What do you say?  C’mon, join the fun.  Please contact Deborah Mann at:
*  Reminder:  coming up on Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 8:00pm, Vince Falzone, local musician,  will be hosting the "Vince Falzone CD Release Benefit Concert" at the Canyon Theater Guild.  If you wish to purchase tickets, you can make a check payable to:  Ariey Productions.  Send to: 27919 Smyth Drive, Suite 106, Valencia, CA 91355.  Make sure to note your phone number and mailing address so your tickets can be mailed to you.  Included with your ticket price will be food, drinks (Starbucks Coffee) and one raffle ticket.  1/2 of all ticket sales will be donated to the Ewart’s fund.  Tickets are $12 each.  ORYou may also purchase & pick-up tickets directly from the Canyon Theater Guild.  We’re excited about this event and we hope to meet a lot of you there!

*  Sunday, March 19 - Tickets are still available for the Benefit Comedy Show at J.R.’s Comedy Club at Marie Callendars.   $20.00 per person – the entire show amount is to be donated to the Ewart Catastrophe Fund.  9:00pm to 10:30pm. To get your tickets, please send a check for $20.00 per person in your party.  Checks should be made payable to "David Ewart Catastrophe Fund".  Be sure to write the account number in the memo section of your check:  8606-155136.  Mail to:  Imagination Station, PO Box 220983, Newhall, CA 91321.  Please include your return address so we can mail you your tickets.  Also, please specify that this is for the Comedy Show.  (thanks!)

*  Thursday, March 23, 2006 – An Evening With Jay Leno Benefit Performance – Featuring the music of David Ewart’s friendsProceeds will benefit the Ewart and Baker families.  Doors open at 6:30 pm for a silent auction & raffle – show begins at 7:30pm at Hart High School Auditorium (23825 Newhall Avenue, Newhall, CA 91321).  Ticket prices are $100 for VIP/Assigned Seating, and $50.00 for general admission.  

Sunday, April 2, 2006 – 1:30pm to 4:30pm – Big Bopping Bowling Bonanza at Valencia Lanes. We are looking for 24 teams of 5 people each to sign up, and each of those 24 teams will be charged some "SPARE" change – just $125 per team or $25 per person.  60% of the proceeds will go the Ewarts!  If bowling’s your thing, then get ready for a spectacularly, super-duper, "STRIKING" Sunday!  3 strikes and you’re IN!!!  We will SPARE you the rest of the details.  For more information, please contact Sylvia Jacobowitz at (661) 288-1268 or email her at: . 

Thank you all for your continued support – it means more to the family than words can describe!  Your next scheduled update will be on Monday, March 6, 2006

Ewart Family Weekly Update

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