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Feb 5th Primaries A Huge Test For Candidates

Individual districts like Santa Clarita mean more this time around.

Mitt Romney during a visit to Santa Clarita

The countdown has begun. February 5th is just days away, and could potentially serve as a defining day in the United States Presidential race. On the Republican side, this day is being looked at as an opportunity for many states to decide which Republican, or form of Republican, they like best.


Mitt Romney and John McCain may be from the same party, however they bring different outlooks, strengths and experience levels.


“There are big differences between Mitt Romney and John McCain,” said former California Assemblyman Tony Strickland, who has campaigned for Mitt Romney.  


Of the differences, Strickland pointed to John McCain’s vote against President Bush’s tax cuts, and his involvement in the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill, which has been criticized by many conservatives.


McCain, on the other hand is being bolstered by a surge in momentum after winning a key primary battle in Florida.


The two candidates have gone head to head before, and come February 5th, they will face perhaps the biggest battle of the primaries, with California and other big states’ delegates up for grabs.


And this time around, changes in the process allow individual districts to mean more in the race for California. For us, it may come down to who’s made the effort. Mitt Romney has come to Santa Clarita before, and campaigned here heavily. John McCain has not.


Will Santa Clarita be the deciding factor in the Republican primary? Probably not, but either way, Tuesday will prove to be an important (and entertaining) day to get out and vote.


There is also a proposition on the ballot that could impact College of the Canyon’s enrollment fees. Click here to read about that .

Feb 5th Primaries A Huge Test For Candidates

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