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Final Super Tuesday Results – SCV And Beyond

Voters in California, New York, New Jersey could seal fates of candidates falling behind.

UPDATED 10:45 a.m., Wednesday Feb. 6 



The Los Angeles County Registrar and Recorder's Office has released another wave of election results for Super Tuesday and with 100 percent of county and state precincts reported, presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and John McCain have been declared both county and state winners.

The race breakdown by party:

Democratic: Hillary Clinton LA County 55.1% (658,937 votes), statewide 51.9% (2,082,291 votes)

                    Barack Obama LA County 41.4% (496,192 votes), statewide 42.4% (1,700,829 votes)

In the 25th Congressional District, Clinton got 53.9% of the vote (30,485) and Obama 39.7% (22,473) 


Republican: John McCain LA County 43.2% (188,594 votes), statewide 42.1% (962,852 votes)

                    Mitt Romney LA County 35.4% (154,732 votes), statewide 34.0% (776,614 votes)

In the 25th Congressional District, McCain got 39.1% of the vote (21,541) and Romney 36.8% (20,270) 


Ballot propositions:

Prop. 91 (transportation funding): LA County YES 41.8%, NO 58.2% (statewide 42.1% yes, 57.9% no) 

Prop. 92 (community college funding): LA County YES 47.8%, NO 52.2% (statewide 42.4% yes, 57.6% no) 

Prop. 93 (legislative term limits): LA County YES 48.4%, NO 51.6% (statewide 46.7% yes, 53.3% no) 

Propositions 94 (Indian gaming) LA County YES 59%, no 41% (statewide 56% yes, 44% no) 

Proposition 95 (Indian gaming) LA County YES 59%, no 41% (statewide 56% yes, 44% no)

Proposition 96 (Indian gaming) LA County YES 59%, no 41% (statewide 56% yes, 44% no)

Proposition 97 (Indian gaming) LA County YES 59%, no 41% (statewide 56% yes, 44% no)


Republican front-runner McCain also claimed victory in Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma and his home state of Arizona. Runner-up Romney won Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana and his home state of Utah.

Democratic leader Clinton won Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and was projected to win New Jersey, Massachusetts and her home state of New York. Runner-up Obama won his home state of Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah.


Super Tuesday got a start early on when Mike Huckabee was declared a victor in West Virginia, taking all 18 delegates at that state’s Republican convention (later in the evening, he was declared the victor in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee). With California considered one of three make-or-break states, along with New York and New Jersey, the races will be closely watched as they could mean the end of the campaign trail for more than one candidate.


At stake in California are 170 Republican and 370 Democratic delegates to their respective conventions. Of the viable candidates of either party, only Republican Mitt Romney actually visited the Santa Clarita Valley, holding a fundraiser in May. That will probably change before that first Tuesday in November when people will be asked to make their presidential selections and facetime will garner votes.


The Huffington Post website features Fundrace, a localized site pinpointing where campaign donations originate; aside from seeing whether your favorite celebrity is sending checks to both sides of the fence, you can find out how seriously your neighbor is supporting the candidate they are championing over the backyard barbecue (


We thought it was interesting that nearly a quarter-million dollars were poured into various campaigns from the Santa Clarita Valley; $159,484 to Republicans and $87,937 to Democrats. Check out the community breakdowns on the website.


KHTS will bring you continual updates from the L.A. County Registrar and Recorder’s office as the final results continue to come in. Tune in to AM-1220, KHTS.

Final Super Tuesday Results – SCV And Beyond

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