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Former CHP Sgt. Facing Assault Charges

Man accosts jogger, bumps him with car.

In Valencia, a jogger got more than he bargained for Thursday, when former CHP Sergeant and City Council Candidate Dwight McDonald bumped him with his car.


Allegedly, the bump wasn’t an accident, and a verbal altercation ensued.


The incident happened near the intersection of Hillsboro and Beaumont Street in Valencia.


According to Lieutenant Cambra from the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station, the victim then ran across the street and continued his jog.


At that point, McDonald drove his car up onto the sidewalk towards the jogger, forcing him to run up a dirt embankment to avoid being hit.


At some point in all of this, McDonald identified himself as a CHP Officer.


Witnesses were on hand to see McDonald drive his car up the sidewalk and accost the victim. After that, he drove away only to return with a wooden stick.


The Sheriff’s Department said on Monday, that contrary to previous media reports, they have no information that McDonald tried to hit the victim with the stick.


Deputies arrived a couple of hours later at McDonald’s house and were able to arrest him after the victim came to the location and identified him as the suspect.


He has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon (the car) and posted bail shortly after his arrest.


The California Highway Patrol was able to confirm that McDonald, who is 60 years old, was a retired officer.


They also said that Department policy does not allow any non sworn officer to identify themselves as CHP. This would apply to a retiree.  


McDonald ran for City Council almost a year ago, but was not elected.

Former CHP Sgt. Facing Assault Charges

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