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Former Dodger Players Named In Mitchell Report

Mitchell report uncovers names, includes evidence of steroid abuse.


Former Senator George Mitchell’s probe into illegal steroid use has been made public, and as expected, several former Los Angeles Dodgers player’s are included in the report.  2003 Cy Young winner Eric Gagne is one of the biggest name’s in the report, along with Gary Sheffield and Kevin Brown.  Gagne purchased Human Growth Hormone (HGH) through former Dodgers catcher Paul Lo Duca.


Lo Duca’s steroid use is traced back to 1999, when Lo Duca and other former Dodger player’s Matt Herges and Jeff Williams started using steroids while playing for the Albuquerque Dukes, a class AAA affiliate for Los Angeles at the time.  Lo Duca and Herges started using after talks with Dukes trainer Todd Seyler.  Seyler reported that Lo Duca, Herges, Williams, and former minor-leaguers Ricky Stone and Mike Judd gathered at Seyler’s apartment to inject steroids that Herges had received from a Florida doctor.


Lo Duca and Herges later started purchasing steroids from longtime New York Mets trainer Kirk Radomski, who was at the forefront of Senator Mitchell’s investigation.  Several notes, shipping receipts, and check and money order copies featuring Lo Duca’s signature, as well as Dodger Stadium and Lo Duca’s address, were included in the report.  Gagne was introduced to HGH by Lo Duca, who then connected Gagne and Radomski.  Gagne purchased two separate $3,200 shipments of HGH in a six-week time frame during the summer of 2004.


Kevin Brown was also introduced to Radomski through Paul Lo Duca, when the two were teammates in either 2000 or 2001.  Brown first talked to Radomski about HGH, in which Radomski claimed Brown was very knowledgeable about the hormone.  Radomski later states that Brown called again after he suffered elbow and neck injuries in the summer of 2001, and asked for HGH from Radomski.  Brown then sent a package containing $8,000 in cash to Radomski as compensation.  Radomski state’s that Brown asked for, and received, at least five or six more shipments over the next two to three years.  Brown would then send as much as $10,000 to Radmoski as payment.


Other recognizable names in the report include Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Chuck Knoblauch, Barry Bonds, David Segui, Brian Roberts, and Mo Vaughn.  Former Los Angeles Angels pitchers Brendan Donnelly and Scott Schoenweiss are also mentioned during the report.

Former Dodger Players Named In Mitchell Report

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