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Game Summary from 7 on 7

Knights and Predators participate in a 7 on 7 last Saturday

The Santa Clarita Knights and the California Predators participated in a 7 on 7 this past Saturday. The Southern California Apaches and Long Beach Ruff Ryders were unable to attend. The Predators jumped out to a 1-0 lead early, and the game went to halftime with that score. When the 2nd half began, the Knights tied it up at 1. The Predators scored a questionable safety for a half a point. The Predators then came out and scored on an INT return and then a 7 play drive. The Knights were looking to comeback from a 3-1 score. The Knights scored on 3 straight plays to take the lead with 1:30 remaining. The Knights defense held strong like it did last season and against the 49ers this year, and on the last play of the game scored on a 7-yard pass to the right corner of the endzone. 

Game Summary from 7 on 7

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