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Governor Launches “Waste Watchers” To Trim States Fat

arnoldschwarzeneggerThis new program aims to get employees and residents involved to report wasteful spending.

In an effort to encourage state employees to report wasteful government practices, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced a new feature called “Waste Watchers” on the state’s website and his Reporting Transparency in Government website.


The Waste Watchers site allows state employees and other Californians to go online and report any government waste they may be aware of, either anonymously or by name. The administration will monitor the site and investigate submissions.


“I am committed to making state government more accountable to the people of California,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “With this new Waste Watchers feature, I am asking those on the front lines of state government to report any waste they may see. The knowledge of Californians who work in and around state government is a critical component to ensuring that we are operating efficiently and people are getting the most for their tax dollars.”


The new website feature came from a reader’s suggestion during a Sacramento Bee editorial board last Friday.


Any Californian can submit a report on the Waste Watchers site, but the administration anticipates that state employees, in particular, will have government waste to report and new efficiency measures to recommend.


Last week, the Governor signed an executive order requiring all state contracts valued at $5,000 or more to be posted online by June 19, as well as both the internal and external audits of state departments and agencies, including information on operations, budget and programs, dating back to January 1, 2008.


In April, Governor Schwarzenegger launched the website to make publicly available the statement of economic interests, Form 700s and the travel expense claims for the Governor’s office senior staff and deputies, agency secretaries, agency undersecretaries and department directors.


In addition to launching, Governor Schwarzenegger has taken these additional actions to ensure government transparency and accountability:


In 2004, the Governor championed and 83 percent of California voters approved Proposition 59 ,the Sunshine Initiative, to amend California’s Constitution to further the people’s right to access government information by requiring the state to broadly interpret information requests.

In 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger became the first sitting Governor to open his daily official state calendar for public inspection, and has since made his official state calendar public, updated on a bi-weekly basis.


In 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger issued Executive Order S-03-06, directing California’s executive branch to train and ensure full compliance for information requests made under the California Public Records Act.


In 2009, the Governor cracked down on travel and income rules, strengthening the policies and ensuring accountability.


Governor Launches “Waste Watchers” To Trim States Fat

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