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Graffiti – The Tipping Point In Santa Clarita

KHTS Editorial:

Let me share a story with you. Seven years ago, Malcolm Gladwell released a groundbreaking book called, The Tipping Point. His theory, when conditions in our culture hit a “critical mass” the scales dramatically tip in that direction.

Gladwell cited New York City’s battle against crime as an example. Their police focused on graffiti and people jumping the turnstiles in the NYC subway system.

The scales tipped and all crime dramatically dropped. That’s why fighting graffiti in Santa Clarita is critical. It’s the foundation for worse things to come if we don’t stay vigilant now.

You can do three things to help. One, talk to your kids. And not just once. Reinforce the impact graffiti has on all of us. Let them understand the consequences if they participate, or watch as their friends participate. 

Two, if you spot graffiti, call our City’s Graffiti hotline. They’ll clean it up.

Call (661) 252-5326, or visit for more information. And three, share these thoughts with your neighbors. Together, we can win the battle.

Graffiti – The Tipping Point In Santa Clarita

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