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Hart District Alters School Schedule

More sporadic days off planned.

The William S.
Hart School District
has decided upon a new schedule for the 2009-2010 schedule that will offer
students days off more often, but will continue to dry up the amount of time
they receive off for summer.


The trend of more mid-year days off has dramatically
increased in recent years.


Two decades ago, school began in September and ended in
early June. Now, the school year starts in early August and still runs through
June, although more holidays are scheduled throughout the year.


Starting in 2009, the Hart District will start the school
year on July 2nd. School will run uninterrupted until July 10th,
when students will have one week off for an "adjustment break".


After that, it's two straight days of instruction before a
series of minimum days and state-wide testing begin.


August through October, the students will have every other
day off to help reduce greenhouse gasses. The absence of student's cars on the
road will save an average of 24,000 metric ounces of pollutants per year.


In November, all Hart District schools will close for two
days to celebrate Thanksgiving. The following week, schools will close for two
more days to mourn the loss of so many American turkeys.   


A Winter break has been planned for December 6th
-27th to accommodate all potential religious holidays. Students will
attend school December 28th, but will be off again December 29th-
January 30th for American, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, Chilean
and Uzbekistani New Year.


Spring break has been extended by 24 half-days to conduct
various teacher training programs and faculty Hawaiian-themed parties. 


Then, its back to school for another 6 days before observing
Memorial Day. (NOTE: Memorial Day is subject to cancellation, since the
District had to abandon teaching U.S.
history in order to accommodate the holidays.


47 pupil-free days have also been sprinkled throughout the
school year, to give teachers an opportunity to plan their curriculum, and to
design next year's school holidays.


The school year wraps up on June 26th, providing
five days off before fall semester begins.

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Hart District Alters
School Schedule For
2009/2010 Year


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Hart District Alters School Schedule

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