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Scoliosis: It’s Not Just For Children Anymore

Scoliosis: It’s Not Just For Children Anymore

Karena Thek Lineback | Osteopilates Blog

Adults are the forgotten step-child of scoliosis. Adults can develop a scoliosis as a result of an injury, an accident or chronic pain. 

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Adults suffer the most pain from scoliosis (versus children) and that pain can result in surgery. But I have good news. Scoliosis, even in the adult, can be managed and result in less pain and sometimes even reduced curve.

Traditionally, in the child, scoliosis is managed by:

  1. Observation (to see if a mild curve progresses),
  2. Bracing and,
  3. Surgery. 

The first two options are generally not options for adults. That leaves adults with the option of pain management (generally pain medications) and surgery.  I’d like to introduce exercise as a very successful option for managing scoliosis pain. Studies can be seen at

Katharina Schroth began using a three-dimensional approach to managing scoliosis in the early 1900’s in Germany. Her primary patients were polio patients with extreme curves. Even in these extreme cases she was able to drastically reduce curves and reduce pain.

In my book, ScolioPilates, I have applied her three-dimensional approach to a very user-friendly Pilates environment. The method uses:

  1. Spinal elongation,
  2. Spinal de-rotation with props to correct the curves of the spine,
  3. Breathing techniques, and
  4. Strengthening.

It is the strengthening techniques that take all the amazing spine changes from Numbers 1, 2 and 3 and make the spine elongation and changes much more permanent. And that’s what we want. We want to create a permanent change to the spine that will last when you leave the Pilates studio.

And the really exciting news? Pilates Teck has made it a nationwide and now worldwide mission to make these techniques available to more people. In fact, I was just at the Spine and Pain Hospital in Seoul, Korea where they plan on making these techniques part of their standard treatment for scoliosis. But for you, here in Santa Clarita, we have Pilates Teck instructors trained in this three-dimensional approach that you can take advantage of right now. Give us a call. We’d love to help. 661.260.1609

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Scoliosis: It’s Not Just For Children Anymore

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