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Braces Can Do A Lot More Than Just Adjust Your Smile

Braces_Pic1There are many good reasons to get braces. They give you that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted and keep your mouth free of gum disease and tooth decay. If you’re on the fence about braces, now is the best time to invest.

Gone are the days when braces were just a metal band and a bracket placed around each tooth. Now, patients have a variety of orthodontic appliances to choose from that will be less noticeable and cause less discomfort. Dr. Gilbert Snow, owner of Snow Orthodontics, agrees. “Today we are using heat activated wires which deliver lighter force over a long period of time so that we can change treatment with less discomfort. Invisalign has come a long way also, we can now use it on more difficult cases which means even more comfort for our patients” Dr. Snow states.

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With the advancements made in braces, the time the teeth moving process takes has declined significantly. With modern braces, the process can be as short as one year. Dr Snow noticed this, “The braces process usually takes 18 to 20 months, unless the treatment is done in a phase. The first phase treatment is done to maintain room for permanent teeth and the second phase is the actual braces; this could be a long process over a few years.”   When you want your braces to do the job right and comfortably, trust Dr. Snow and his team at Snow Orthodontics. With so many different kinds of appliances, they’ll have what you need to get that gorgeous smile while avoiding any diseases. Dr Snow offers, “Conventional braces; clear braces or Invisalign. We also provide various appliances that can prevent the need to have jaw surgery.”  

Check out to see their full line of braces and call (661) 505-1912 to set up your free exam. Visit Dr. Snow at 23051 Cinema Drive Suite #211 and get beauty with class.

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Braces Can Do A Lot More Than Just Adjust Your Smile

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