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Breathing Techniques

By Dr. Carolyn A. Griffin, D.C.

In today’s world, people are very busy.  We have to go to work, there’s family to feed and take care of, games and practices to attend, errands to run, and of course chiropractic appointments to make.  I thought that this would be a great time to go over some breathing techniques to help you out.

Full Chest and Abdominal Breathing

This method is simply a deepening of the breath.  Take slow, deep, rhythmic breaths through the nose.  When the diaphragm drops down, the abdomen is expanded allowing the air to rush into the lungs. This is followed by a slow, even exhalation which empties the lungs completely.

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This simple breath practice done slowly and fully, with intention, concentration and relaxation activates all of the primary benefits of therapeutic breath practice.

-6 to 10 repetitions, 2-3 sessions per day.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Using your thumb on your right nostril hold it closed and inhale through your left nostril.  Pause, and while your lungs are full of air, switch sides closing your left nostril.  Then exhale out the right nostril.  Next inhale through your right nostril, pause and again while your lungs are full of air, switch your fingers so that your right nostril is closed.  Exhale.  Repeat this process about 12 times.  This breath is often done in preparation for deep relaxation or meditation.

This has been found recently that the practice of alternate nostril breathing helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.-

-  10 to 12 repetitions, 2-3 sessions per day.

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Breathing Techniques

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