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Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

By Dr. Carolyn A. Griffin

Absolutely!  If there’s one group of people who need chiropractic care more than any other, it’s pregnant women

It is extremely important for pregnant women to maintain their spinal alignment.  This becomes more challenging as the woman’s center of gravity changes with the added physical weight she is carrying and the increased flexibility of her spinal structure due to hormonal changes.  This combination can add extra stress to the low back all the way up to the neck causing pain.  When this happens we automatically want to reach for some pain medication.  But drugs, whether prescription or over-the-counter, can harm the growing fetus.  There is no such thing as a safe drug.  The safest thing for a pregnant woman to do is avoid all drugs and seek natural non-drug alternatives for health care if at all possible.

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Chiropractic adjustments can naturally help alleviate the pain caused by pregnancy.  Whether you are complaining of sciatica, neck pain, back pain, or headaches, Chiropractic can help!  It doesn’t matter how far along or how big you are.  Chiropractors are trained in adjusting the spines of pregnant women and many chiropractic tables have special modifications for the pregnant figure.  This can help with the delivery process because the spine and pelvis will be aligned.



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Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

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