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Health Tips By Doctor Polucki, 5 Simple Rules For Beautiful Skin

Health Tips By Doctor Polucki, 5 Simple Rules For Beautiful Skin

While there are countless cover ups to enhance beauty, the secret to beautiful healthy skin is what you put in your body, not what you put on it. There are 15-20 layers of dead, water-proof skin that helps protect us from outside injury, including the metabolically toxic hormone disruptors found in most make-up and skin-care products.

Rule #1 for great looking skin: If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, you probably should not put it on or in your body.

Since skin is designed to help keep toxins out and even to a small extent get toxins out, detoxification, skin problems are often a sign of detoxification stress.

Simple sugars, especially fructose as in corn syrup and agave nectar are the main culprits in challenging these detoxification pathways. Sugar also is the primary stress fuel, increasing cortisol which prematurely ages skin. But sugar is tame compared to the damage done by artificial sweeteners. There are over 1000 scientific studies published on the devastating effects of all artificial sweeteners.

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Rule #2 for great looking skin: Get over your sweet tooth.

The layer of skin that is alive, is mostly fat and healthy skin requires a lot of saturated fats in your diet. Coconut oil and butter are the only fats that can handle the heat involved in cooking without trans-forming into dangerous chemicals. Olive oil is good, but not for cooking. Flax seed is a great source of omega 3, but you need lots of leafy greens, B5 and animal protein taurine, to provide the same benefits as fish oil.

Fat based vitamin A can help with acne and prematurely aged skin. Vitamin D regulates immune responses in the skin. Vitamin E protects from oxidative and ultra violet damage.

Rule #3 for great looking skin: Eat more saturated fat.

Skin is also our raincoat, limiting what goes out and in. Fortunately, most of the products we put on our skin can’t get in, but to help in the water based half of detoxification, you should drink your body weight, in pounds, in ounces of filtered water a day. For example: If you weigh 120 pounds you should drink a gallon of water.

Water based Vitamin C supports collagen and works together with fat based vitamin E against oxidative stress.

Rule #4 for great looking skin: Drink more water.

Skin is specialized nerve tissue and is loaded with many different kinds of nerves. The same nerves that control blood flow to the skin, making you blush when embarrassed, control blood flow to your heart, brain, digestive tract and liver.

Hippocrates used this knowledge and dipped people in mud, then watched to see where the mud didn’t dry, correlating organ malfunction to skin surface blood flow. We in functional medicine still use this diagnostic approach with infra-red thermography. And Upper Cervical Chiropractors use this information to reduce stress patterns by tapping joint sensors under the skull and then measuring the change in full body blood flow.

Rule #5 for great looking skin:Decompress from daily stress.

This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners are uniquely qualified to evaluate health problems
from a functional point of view instead of a symptomatic point of view.

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Health Tips By Doctor Polucki, 5 Simple Rules For Beautiful Skin

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