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Health Tips By Doctor Polucki, Are The Holidays Making You Sick?

Health Tips By Doctor Polucki, Are The Holidays Making You Sick?

In case you had not noticed, it is flu season again. Time to line up for nearly free injections that supposedly protect us from getting the flu. As mentioned in a previous article, removing opinion and research funding bias, Cochrane review shows no benefit of the flu shot.

Here are some simple things you can do to enjoy a less stressful and flu-less holiday season this year.

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How To Stay Healthy During Flu Season

1) Open a window - recirculated air concentrates environmental stressors, challenging your immune and detoxification systems.

2) Start drinking heavily – low energy, hunger, recurring aches and infections are often symptoms of dehydration. 1 ounce of filtered water for each pound of body weight every day supports the water based phase of detoxification.  That means a 150 pound person needs a gallon of water a day. Save money and invest in a home filter system, get glass bottles to keep plastic out of your food chain and the ocean.

3) Got a sweet-tooth? - see a dentist and get it pulled. Sugar is our stress fuel and in turn fuels stress. Sugar cravings are brought on by sugar itself and sugar eating fungus, bacteria and parasites in the digestive tract. These hostile guests can produce mood altering drugs to get you to eat what they want… More sugar. 

20 grams of protein, 3 eggs, or 10 grams of fat, ½ avocado, will knock out that sweet tooth for you.Avoid the Flu season - Box of Tissue

4) Go for a walk- a brisk 30 minute brisk walk can improve your mood and help circulate your lymph, a big part of your immune system. One study from Harvard suggested that a 30 minute brisk walk could decrease the risk of cancer by 70 percent.

5) Get some sun - most people are vitamin D deficient, vitamin D is a powerful anti-viral, 20 minutes of full body exposure daily is recommended and don’t wash it off, D3 is excreted and may take up to 24 hours to fully reabsorb. If sun is not an option, supplement with 40 units per pound of D3/K2, vitamin K2 works together with D3. A 150 pound person needs 6000 units of D3 to keep the cooties away. I like a sublingual, under the tongue, delivery system to avoid loses in digestion and the liver.

6) Spirit of the holidays - remember why we celebrate. The greatest gift you can give yourself is contributing to the growth of others with love. So when someone cuts you off to get that parking space, thank them for giving you a little more of a walk in the fresh air. When family gathers take the opportunity to acknowledge their challenges and contributions, for some of us it will be the last chance we get to show them our appreciation.

7) Get adjusted - if you have a great chiropractor that measures your stress reduction and progress on every visit, make sure you see them this holiday season to keep internal stress to a minimum.

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Health Tips By Doctor Polucki, Are The Holidays Making You Sick?

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