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Try A New, Non-Surgical Drug-Free Option For Shoulder Pain Relief

Try A New, Non-Surgical Drug-Free Option For Shoulder Pain Relief

Santa Clarita’s Five-Star Chiropractor Has a Natural Solution to Treat Shoulder Pain

By Dr. Thomas Polucki
Try A New, Non-Surgical Drug-Free Option For Shoulder Pain Relief

Suffering from shoulder pain? You have company. Shoulder pain is common among our population. But for some shoulder pain sufferers, a new, natural option may provide relief without drugs or surgery.

Nearly half of Americans experience shoulder pain each year, and half of those sufferers are in such pain that they seek professional help. They are treated with dangerous painkillers, surgery, or both, and many still suffer shoulder pain.

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People with less acute pain may just rely on over-the-counter medication for relief. But besides the 100,000 hospitalizations a year from dangerous side effects, these common and conveniently available pain medications can actually cause shoulder joint damage

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We take our shoulders for granted, until discomfort or pain remind us to take better care of them.

  • Shoulders are among the most versatile joints in the body.
  • The only boney attachment the arms have to the rest of the skeleton is the clavicle, or collarbone.
  • Along with the infamous rotator cuff, there are nine other muscle groups working in the shoulder.
  • All nerves and blood supply to the arms have to pass through the connective tissues between the neck and shoulders.
  • Any chronic tension or otherwise symptom-free restriction of movement in the neck joints can also intensify shoulder problems, and over time, even cause damage that can’t be reversed.

Dr. Polucki’s Non-Surgical, Drug-Free Treatment for Shoulder Pain Relief

The Micro Decompression© technique we have developed over the past 20 years focuses on gently restoring normal function to ALL the joints and connective tissues associated with shoulder pain. 

To find out if my non-surgical, drug-free technique for shoulder pain relief will work for you, try these five simple steps:

  1. Using firm but gentle pressure with your middle three fingers, press and feel under the lower part of the back of your head and down the back of your neck, behind the big muscles. Do you feel any tender points?
  2. Now feel from the base of your neck out to the edge of your shoulder. Any tender points there?
  3. Now feel the top of your collarbone from the outer edge of your shoulder in to your breast bone.
    Are there any tender points along the top edge of your collarbone?
  4. Stand in front of a mirror and tilt your head up, then down as far as you comfortably can. Do you experience pain either direction?
  5. Then turn your head as far as you comfortably can to your left and to your right. Can you turn and tilt your head equally from side to side without any pain or restriction in any direction?

If you found tender points or had restricted movement, your shoulder pain could be easier to treat and recover from using this natural technique than with drugs or surgery.

I say that because every joint, whether in your shoulder, collarbone, upper back or neck, has built-in sensors. A few sensors are for pain, but most are there to tell the surrounding connective tissues and muscles if the joint is working properly, and how to avoid injuring that joint and connective tissue. 

A restricted joint, even without symptoms, disrupts the normal function and repair of any surrounding connective tissue and muscle.

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The Micro Decompression© technique the recovery process through:

  1. Restoring normal movement to the shoulder;
  2. Re-calibrating the sensors that stabilize the shoulder;
  3. Re-educating the shoulder muscles to perform strong.

And we have remarkable success helping shoulder pain with this non-surgical, drug-free treatment technique, without needles, twisting or cracking. 

To find out fast if there is a simple, affordable, natural, effective answer to your shoulder pain, take my free, quick and confidential online survey at and see if you qualify for a free 15-minute phone consultation. 

About Santa Clarita Five-Star Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki

Dr. Thomas Polucki is a Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and Certified Upper Cervical Chiropractor. 

Dr. Polucki provides Functional Medicine services in most cities via remote labs and Internet consultations. He sees patients by appointment at 25050 Peachland Ave., Suite 105, Newhall, Calif., 91321. Visit for more information or call 661-753-9340 to schedule an appointment. 

Dr. Polucki also hosts the “Dr. Polucki Family Health Hour” on AM 1220 KHTS radio in Santa Clarita Mondays from 11 a.m. to noon. Click here to listen to the podcasts. 

The information in this article is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.

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Try A New, Non-Surgical Drug-Free Option For Shoulder Pain Relief

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