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Donate The Gift Of Life To Henry Mayo Newhall Health Foundation

Donate The Gift Of Life To Henry Mayo Newhall Health Foundation

Year-End Donations are a Win-Win: Great Gifts Now, Tax Deductions in April

Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation

 By Stephen K. Peeples

The year-end holidays provide lots of opportunities for charitable donations that have meaning now, and may also provide a break on your taxes come April 15 or the end of your company’s fiscal year.

Few donations are more meaningful than the ones that benefit our entire community, like the gifts Santa Clarita Valley individuals and corporations give to the non-profit Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation.

“The foundation is the philanthropic arm for the not-for-profit Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, so the resources provided by our efforts to raise major funding really do save lives,” said Diana Vose (pictured), the foundation’s president since 2001. She’s been active in the Valencia-based organization for more than 30 years.

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Diana Vose, President, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial FoundationEstablished in 1984, the Health Foundation board members work year-round raising funds to augment and enhance healthcare services offered at the hospital. Donations also help provide capital for the hospital’s ongoing expansion projects to meet the growing Santa Clarita Valley’s likewise growing health care needs.

“The foundation includes philanthropic support groups, like the Home Tour League,” Vose said, which held a fundraising gala Friday night and hosted the annual tour of holiday-decorated homes on Saturday.

“Those proceeds come back to the hospital to benefit the new NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and a new women’s unit which will be part of the new patient tower,” she said.

“Our foundation) advocates for our community hospital, the only hospital in the Santa Clarita Valley providing care for those who are ill or injured,” she said. “And, with the foundation’s philanthropic efforts, we are truly able to help fund new programs, services and expansion projects that benefit our entire community.”

While annual and major gifts are the basis of the foundation’s philanthropic efforts, Vose noted the annual Frontier Toyota/Henry Mayo Golf Classic is now in its 41st year, and supports the hospital’s ER and trauma services.

Many Ways to Donate to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation

 Santa Clarita Valley residents and business owners who’d like to donate to the foundation may do so in several ways beyond participating in local fundraising events, as detailed on the foundation’s Henry Mayo Giving website.

They include annual gifts, corporate partnerships, employee giving, “Healthcare Heroes” recognition, in-kind gifts (for goods or services, auction items, etc.,), giving as a memorial to departed loved ones, matching gifts, naming opportunities, planned giving through wills, bequests or trusts, and donations of bonds or stock or mutual funds shares that are converted to cash.

“Annual gifts are important and help our ability to count on funds that are important for continuing our service to our hospital, and ultimately, our patients,” Vose said.

“One of our annual programs is the Corporate Partners Program, which is specific to businesses and corporations in Santa Clarita,” she said. “The program features several levels of giving with benefits that include several of our events as part of the package. For instance, if a corporate partner contributes $5,000, that could include a foursome in the golf classic, participation in our ‘Gift of Life’ program, a Guild event and the Home Tour.”

Both private and corporate annual donations help the foundation establish its budget, Vose said.

So does employee giving, which includes Henry Mayo employees and in some cases employees of corporate partners.

“We are proud of our very generous employees, who give regularly through payroll deductions,” Vose said. “Giving one hour per paid period deducted from their paycheck makes it easy to give. This year, most donations through deductions coming to the foundation are supporting the new Education Center now under construction.

“However, employees have the ability to choose the area or service for which they would like their contributions to be applied,” she said. “For example, Employees working in the emergency room will most likely want to support that area.”

‘Health Care Heroes’ Program Recognizes Excellent Health Care Providers

The foundation’s “Health Care Heroes program is about patients recognizing Henry Mayo doctors, nurses, staff or volunteers for excellent care.

“Our patients are the ones who recommend the Health Care Hero,” Vose said. “We receive great accolades from our patients. Their comments are priceless testimonials. They describe the nurse, physician or technician who helped make their stay at Henry Mayo a good one, and how wonderful their care was. In return, we’ll honor the employee. with a small ceremony and presentation of a ‘Health Care Hero’ pin. A photograph of the hero is sent to the entire (Henry Mayo) organization – including employees, board members, physicians – (to) promote our ‘Health Care Hero.’”

The foundation often receives donations made to commemorate a family member or close friend who has died.

“Our memorial program includes meaningful contributions for a friend or loved one,” Vose said. “Instead of, or in addition to, buying flowers, individuals can make a contribution to Henry Mayo in memory. The foundation sends a note to the family informing them that their loved one has been remembered. the loved one’s name, and we in turn send a note to the family telling them that their loved one has been remembered by this donor.”

Matching gifts are popular among local companies, she said. “There are corporations in the Santa Clarita Valley who encourage their employees to give, and when they do, they’ll match the gift.”

Naming Opportunities, Endowment Funds and the ‘Gift of Life’

Naming opportunities at the hospital abound for substantial donations or large endowments.

“There are many opportunities to name and area or service at the hospital,” Vose said. “Our intensive care unit was named for Wayne and Connie Spears. Our NICU was named for Kim and Steven Ullman. Roberta Veloz named our cardiac program and the catheterization lab in particular. There are other terrific naming opportunities throughout the hospital. for the larger areas and even for the smaller areas, too. At the Education Center, for instance, rooms within the center begin at $50,000.”

One of Henry Mayo’s best-known buildings named after a former patient is the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Imaging Center. Sheila Veloz lost her battle with breast cancer, and in special memory, her husband Tom contributed to help develop the new breast imaging center.

“Right now, we are developing an endowment fund for the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Imaging Center,” Vose said. “That special person would be recognized in perpetuity. To name an endowment fund, a gift of $50,000 is necessary to begin collecting interest that can be used for the center.”

Planned giving through wills, benefits and trusts helps both the hospital and the donor, Vose said. “I encourage your readers and listeners to go to our Gift Legacy website  to really understand how that can support our hospital.”

Finally, the foundation accepts donations of bonds, stocks and mutual funds. They are  sold at current market value, and the proceeds applied to the general fund.

Right now, it’s not too late to give a “Gift of Life” in remembrance of a loved one. Sponsorship levels are $25 for a light, $50 for an icicle, $100 for a snowflake, $250 for an ornament and $1,000 for a treetop ornament. The donor will receive a special 2013 commemorative ornament. (Click on the link for details.)

Henry Mayo Education Center Top Fundraising Priority

Vose said the Health Foundation’s primary fundraising focus in the coming year is the hospital’s Education Center, now under construction.

According to the center’s Web page, it’s “designed as a 10,280 square-foot state-of-the art facility, Henry Mayo’s new Education Center will provide the environment, resources, technology, staff and curricula to deliver coordinated education programs to patients and families, nursing staff, employees, volunteers, physicians, and members of Santa Clarita Valley community.”

A major component is the center’s simulation lab, which provides nurses hands-on practice with case scenarios related to their specialties, using state-of-the-art technology including life-like interactive dummy patients wired to respond as humans. The foundation needs to raise $1.6 million to equip the lab.

Last summer’s $100,000 challenge grant raised more than $127,000 in donations from local residents and businesses. The San Francisco-based Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation, established in 1963 to carry on the 19th century California pioneer’s philanthropic mission, matched that figure.

“We are still raising funds for the Education Center,” Vose said. “In fact, we recently received a wonderful $200,000 gift from a board member to name one of the training rooms.”

A Decade-Plus of Changes with Vose as Health Foundation President

As head of the foundation for more than a dozen years, Vose has evolved its fundraising efforts to focus on what works best.

“The biggest change we made is significantly reducing event planning,” she said. “Other than our annual golf classic and events produced by our volunteer groups, our focus is major gifts, annual giving and planned or legacy gifts. Focusing on major giving makes a big difference in how we introduce the funds needed to really keep the latest technology available for all who live in Santa Clarita and beyond.”

As fundraisers, Vose said, “We are shaping missions and changing lives through philanthropy. With the generosity of our community, we can save lives.”

Vose recognized the last few years have been tough on SCV nonprofits, including the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation, but sees what she hopes is a change for the better in everyone’s fortunes as the economy slowly improves.

“The economy has been such that people who can give have been reluctant to do so,” she said. “I see a little progress in the last few months, and I think we’re on track for future philanthropic events. Hopefully our constituents will be in a good enough place personally to give to their favorite charity.”

Value of Donations is More than Dollars

The value of giving and receiving usually goes beyond the quantifiable numbers and into the emotional feel-good zone, for both the recipient and the donor. That’s more difficult to quantify. And the value varies from person to person.

“I think the value is with the donor: ‘Did I make a difference in my life? Did I leave a legacy of hope?’ Vose said. “Philanthropy provides the knowledge that hope is just around the corner. Again, resources provided to the hospital by our community do save lives, and that is really the bottom line.”

To donate to the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation, click here.

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Donate The Gift Of Life To Henry Mayo Newhall Health Foundation

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