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How To FInd The Perfect Briefcase To Fit Your Style

briefcase_pic_copyEvery man needs a briefcase. A briefcase is more of an icon than a piece of luggage. It helps define you. When you walk into your office, you want your briefcase to make a statement. In this article we will cover a broad range of briefcases to help you find the perfect one.

Were going to look over each brand and their look. First, were going to start with Tiffany and Co. Tiffany is known for its house wares and jewelry, but they also have some of the best leather goods around. If your looking for the classic look, Tiffany’s is the way to go. They have single and double clasps and give off a simple and classic look.


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Another designer that has that classic look is Salvatore Ferragamo. Ferragamo is best known for their shoes but they also have some amazing briefcases. They have a few shoulder strap briefcases for a more casual look but the most are single clasp, timeless briefcases. If your looking for the Don Draper Mad Men look, these are the brands you go with.  

If your looking for a more modern yet still ever so classy look, Prada is the way to go. When most men hear the word Prada, they tend to run in terror because of visions of their significant other falling head over heels for a bag. Even though Prada is mainly focused on women, they have a large men’s collection that is truly exquisite. They offer a wide array of men’s bags that are still classic in style, yet shows off a bit of an edge to promote masculinity.   

When you a want a more casual look Burberry and Gucci are a good bet. Both have their signature designs with Burberry having its signature plaid look and the Gucci double G design. They, of course, have the stand by standard suitcases but they are more known for their casual looks. Burberry features their plaid design on most of their bags which are instantly recognizable. Gucci has bags that feature their double G look and their other looks that all are eye catchers that look incredible.  

After opening all these links, I’m sure you are pretty price shocked. I understand not everyone can afford $1500+ briefcases and if you can’t, they give you a good idea what to look for. If you want a briefcase that looks like these, there are plenty out there that range instead of $1500-$5000, they range $150-$750 that still look great! Every man needs a briefcase and with these tips, you can now get one!

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How To FInd The Perfect Briefcase To Fit Your Style

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