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Sports And Our Children

By Dr. Carolyn A. Griffin, D.C.:

Sports are wonderful for our children.  It teaches them to stretch their limits, learn sportsmanship and how to become a team player and, of course, discipline.  But any sport that your child participates in also carries the potential for injury.  By knowing the causes of sports injuries and how to prevent them, you can help make athletics a positive experience for your child.

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How can injuries be prevented?

1) use proper equipment

2) Play on appropriate surfaces and check surfaces like holes on fields that kids

can potentially fall in.

3)Proper preparation –let them learn the rules and techniques of the game (not just

win at all cost)

4) Get them checked regularly for misalignments of the spine.  If the spine is

“crooked”, then they aren’t going to play at their fullest potential AND they will

grow up “crooked”.

Support your child’s passion for their sport, but don’t push them.  Kids, particularly those younger than 8 years old are less coordinated and have slower reaction times than adults because they are still growing and developing.  Let them have fun!  Remember, they are still “just kids”!!


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Sports And Our Children

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