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Thigh Sculpting Exercises For Professional Sitters

Ladies, it’s time to sculpt your legs sexy for summer! Simple and effective exercises you can do while sitting at work.

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Description of Exercises in the Video:

Single Leg Butt Buster: Sitting with one foot tucked under your opposite hip, lift the hips out of the chair. It’s a motion like you are going to stand up but you only lift about three inches. Sit back down between each repetition. A set of 10 of these exercises is followed by a little pulse: lifting the hips up three inches but only lowering one inch and then back up, back down quickly 10 times.

Double Leg Thigh Shaper: Both feet on the ground, hands on the arms or sides of the chair. Lift the hips three inches off the chair and sit back down. 10 times with a 10 second hold at the end.

Double-Duty Lunge and Lift: Seated on the front edge of the chair and all the way to one side, take outside leg as far behind you as you can and the inside leg forward so that you are in a quasi-lunge position even though you are seated. Again, lift the hips off of the chair about three inches and sit back down. This exercise stretches the front of the back leg and sculpts the thigh of the front leg.

Butt stretch to finish: Sitting on your chair, place the right ankle on the left knee, lean forward until you feel the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch legs.

Karena Thek Lineback is author of OsteoPilates (2003) and Scolio-Pilates (2011), and is the ost of Pilates for Healthy Bodies on Public Television as well as Alive & Well Radio on AM1220 KHTS.


Thigh Sculpting Exercises For Professional Sitters

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