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Threading: Have You Heard of It? Is It Safe?

eyebrowBy Maya Goodwin Guidry

Threading hair is becoming one of the hottest hair removal methods in the West.  It’s an ancient hair removal method commonly practiced in Eastern countries.  Threading is fast, affordable, and practically pain free.  It requires a highly skilled technician and results can last up to 4 weeks for some.

When most of us consider the most convenient and cost effective method to remove unwanted hair, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and forget to ask the most important question…..Is it safe?


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Many of us unknowingly put our health at risk every time we enter a salon and have hair removed from the face, legs, and other areas on the body.  Some of the health risks, though rare, include burns, allergic reactions, bacterial, and fungal infections.

Laura, a close friend of mine, recently shared her horrific experience after an eyebrow and upper lip wax at a local salon in Phoenix, Arizona.  A day after the procedure she experienced little bumps around the hair follicle and swelling.  She later found out it was an infection from a shared stick used on a previous client.

Infections such as Folliculitic and Herpetic Keratoconjuntivitis are rare, but it happens.  When it does happen, expect a trip to the doctor and a prescription for antibiotics.  Who knew a $25 hair removal procedure would ultimately cost an additional $30 in co-pays and medication-and that’s if you have insurance!

All of these risks can be avoided with a little research and common sense.  Most salons will tell you how they sanitize their tools and if they use new applicators on every client, if you ask them.  Observe the habits of the technicians and notice if they are conscientious about cleaning.  If you have doubts, go somewhere else.

Another option for safe hair removal is threading.  It’s a non-chemical, extremely sanitary method that works great on the brows and other areas on the face.  Threading is a technique that uses a cotton thread to pull unwanted hair using a twisting motion.  Nothing but thread touches the skin and it’s thrown away after use.

Don’t throw caution to the wind for vanity.  Find a creditable salon that uses a safe and effective method that works for you.  Beauty and your health go hand in hand!

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Threading: Have You Heard of It? Is It Safe?

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