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Three Biggest Eyebrow Myths

Eyebrow_PicLadies, we all know that waxing and threading eliminates un-wanted hair, but does that hair ever grow back after a certain point?

In order to bust the myths and answer this intriguing question, it’s necessary to examine the structure of our hair and what it is mostly made up of. Surprisingly, our hair is made up of keratin, which is the same strong protein that makes animals fur, feathers, and the outer most skin and nails in humans.

Our hair consists of three layers; first is the medulla which is the innermost layer in thicker hair. Second is the cortex, which is the middle layer responsible for color and texture. Third is the cuticle, which is a thin colorless protective layer. Your hair is continually shedding and is renewed by the alternating life cycle, which consists of rest, fallout and renewed growth.

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One myth is that waxing, threading or plucking have completely different results in terms of hair regrowth. This is false. Regardless of which method you choose, you are still removing hair follicles and by over-doing it, can cause thinning. The second myth is that age can play a role in regards to hair regrowth. Unfortunately, this myth is true. By the age of 42, your follicle cycle becomes much shorter and the hair that is produced becomes thinner and more sparse. The third myth that you might have heard from your mother is that your hair will grow back quick and more thick after you start to pluck or wax. Well, sometimes our mothers can be mistaken. Actually, our eyebrow hair does not grow back thicker and faster, it all depends on how often and how much you remove the hair.

When you pull out, wax or thread your hair the follicle will attempt to repair the damage depending how deep the damage is. If you pull out a hair and the root does not come out with it that means the hair was in its resting phase and will grow back. If you pull part of the root out, this can damage the follicle, therefore stopping hair growth.

Different areas of the body have different times of recovery. In the case of your eyebrows, the average number of days for a plucked eyebrow hair to regenerate a hair fiber is about 56 days. A full recovery of hair might be slower because the skin is much thinner and can be damaged more easily. However, some factors that contribute to thinning or non-existent eyebrows are age and how often you pluck your eyebrows.

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Three Biggest Eyebrow Myths

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