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Why Ride Inside When the Road is Free?

Indoor Cycling in Santa ClaritaSome people think that cyclists are divided into two distinct groups–outside riders and indoor cyclists–and that the lines between the two rarely cross. However, more and more serious outdoor cyclists are discovering the benefits of adding indoor rides to their training.

Indoor cycling gives a rider the opportunity to mimic the terrain he or she will encounter in the next big race, without having to travel far from home. Riders are able train with the power needed to climb steep hills and speed through the straights, and use bursts of speed to pass other (imaginary) riders, all while putting their bodies through the same stresses of an actual race.

Indoor cycling also allows road cyclists to train when weather conditions are not conducive to being outdoors safely and comfortably. Pouring rain, high winds, blistering heat and crowded streets need not cause a rider to miss a day of training.

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A final consideration to riding inside is that it can become a family event. While it may be difficult for loved ones to keep up with a serious road racer, in a cycling studio everyone is able to determine the intensity of his or her ride. Your training time has just become family time!

So, give it a try! Drop in, hop on, and reach your goals.

Debbie Childs is a co-owner of Spokes Indoor Cycling, located at 26635 Valley Center Drive #106 in Santa Clarita, 91351. Find out more by calling (661) 291-1196 or by going to

Why Ride Inside When the Road is Free?

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