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High School Mock Election Results

See how Golden Valley Seniors voted.

371 seniors voted for their choice for the next President, as well as 3 ballot measures, a part of a mock election at Golden Valley High. The students joined their counterparts across the state in holding the faux election, which is designed to ramp up interest in the election process.

Here are the results. Note: Students voted in an open primary process, so they could vote for whichever Presidential candidate they choose. 

Barack Obama (D): 136
Hillary Clinton (D): 54
Mike Huckabee (R): 34
Mitt Romney (R): 27
John Edwards (D): 19
John McCain (R): 17
Rudy Giuliani (R): 12
Ron Paul (R): 9
Ralph Nader (G): 6
Mike Gravel (D): 3
Mad Max Riekse (AI): 3
Bill Richardson (D): 2
Fred Thompson (R): 2
Daniel Imperato (L): 1
Stanley Hetz (PF): 1
Joe Biden (D): 1

ImageBallot Measure 1: Should the registration fee that every car or truck owner is required to pay each year be based, in part, on the amount of pollution the vehicle emits?

Yes: 141        No: 213

Ballot Measure 2: Should every eligible citizen be required to vote?

Yes: 109        No: 262

Ballot Measure 3: Should people who use e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging and the social networks to bully or harass others be allowed to do so as part of their constitutionally protected right to free speech?

Yes: 133        No: 217

*There were some votes left blank, resulting in inconsistencies in the total vote count for each measure/office.

To read the full article about the mock elections held across the Hart District, click here .

High School Mock Election Results

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