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Homeowners Can Now Qualify For Repair Grants

Over $50,000 in Grants Left for Residential Rehabilitation Program

The City of Santa Clarita is encouraging qualifying residents to apply for grants to repair their homes and property through the City’s Residential Rehabilitation Program and Property Rehabilitation Program. 

The programs, which are designed to keep homes and yards habitable and up to community standards, can be used for mobile homes, condominiums, or single family homes.  


“The City of Santa Clarita is very happy to have the funds to help more people this year, said Erin Moore-Lay, the City’s Housing Program Administrator.  “Being lower income does not mean a family has to live with faulty electrical systems, leaking pipes, a non-working furnace, or broken gates.  These programs are here to improve the quality of life for our lower income residents and maintain the community standards throughout the City.”


To qualify for either program, interested applicants must own the home, reside in it as their primary residence, and the home must be located within the City of Santa Clarita.   


Additionally, the annual household income must be at or below 80 percent of the median household income for Los Angeles County. For example, an  eligible two person household would have an annual income of $47,350 or less. An eligible four person household would have an annual income of $59,200 or less.  Eligibility is determined by counting the annual income for all those living in the home, regardless of relationship.

Typical allowable repairs in the Residential Rehabilitation Program include roof repairs or replacement, plumbing and electrical work, heating and air conditioning repair, flooring and  window repairs, interior and exterior painting and modifications for disabled access. The Residential Rehabilitation Program does not pay for remodeling or upgrades.  For example split or peeling vinyl flooring would be replaced with new vinyl flooring, not tile.  

Typical allowable repairs for the Property Rehabilitation Program include repair of sprinkler systems, repairs to wall, fences, gates and patio covers, tree trimming and brush clearance.  Just as in the Residential Rehabilitation Program, the Property Rehabilitation Program does not pay for remodeling or upgrades.  For example, existing sprinkler systems could be repaired, but installation of a new sprinkler system would not be allowed.

Applications must be received by June 30, 2008.  Funds are limited and may be exhausted before the end of the program year, so interested applicants should contact the City as soon as possible.

For more information or to request an application, please call the City at (661) 286-4156.

Homeowners Can Now Qualify For Repair Grants

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