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Housing Fraud Bill Approved By Governor

Runner's bill to fight Section 8 housing fraud to go into effect January 1, 2009.



A bill that will combat Section 8 housing fraud was signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and will go into effect January 1. Assembly Bill 2827, authored by Assemblywoman Sharon Runner will establish a database of housing fraud incidents that will be available to county law enforcement officials.



“I am thrilled that the Governor joined me in the fight against Section 8 Housing fraud,” Runner said.  “This legislation will help crackdown on those who abuse the system while increasing access for qualified hardworking families who are in need of subsidized housing.”


“Currently, thousands of Californians who are in need wait for Section 8 Housing support for years on end, while greedy criminals with sufficient means illegally use public resources and take advantage of society’s goodwill,” Runner said.


AB 2827 will allow District Attorney’s offices to track incidents of Section 8 Housing fraud in each county. This data will provide substantial evidence on the severity and extent of this fraud, as there is no uniform tracking system within the state.


“As of next year, law enforcement officials will be able to track this crime and gather the necessary data as the extent of the problem is currently unknown statewide,” Runner explained. “This will allow law enforcement to develop a plan of action to combat Section 8 Housing fraud.”


“The citizens of the Antelope and Victor Valleys have seen the negative effects of this fraud firsthand,” Runner added.  “AB 2827 is common-sense, cost-effective legislation that will address this major issue, protect those citizens in need, and help put an end to this criminal behavior.”


Housing Fraud Bill Approved By Governor

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