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Illegal Signs Pop Up All Over Valley

City continues to responds to illegal signs


An illegal sign in Canyon Country

In the past weeks, Santa Clarita residents may have seen signs advertising a dating site all over town.  The sign says, “Single?” and has been posted at several big intersections such as, Soledad Canyon Road, San Fernando Road, and Whites Canyon. 


This is just one of the many illegal signs in the SCV.  Advertising without the City’s consent is against the law, but many people continue to post signs, in order to save money on advertising in the newspaper, magazines, and on the internet.  City of Santa Clarita's David Peterson says that illegal signs are like advertising in the city’s front yard.  "No one would like to have advertising on their front lawn, and neither does the city."  Anything posted on the city’s right of way is illegal; everything from garage sale signs to lost and found posters.  Although many people might not thing that illegal signs are morally wrong, it does take away from the advertising business.  If everyone were to advertise on the streets, classified magazines and newpapers would lose business ads.  Not to mention, illegal signs that are left on the street make the city seemed cluttered.


These are not the first and definitely not the last illegal signs in Santa Clarita.  Yet, the City continues to fight illegal signs by organizing groups to make sweeps across the city.  Once a month, Peterson and his entire staff devote one day to go all over the valley and pull down the signs.  In addition, public works takes down signs as they see them.  There also are volunteer groups such as, the Canyon Country Advisor Committee, who help the city, and take down signs as well.   


Although David Peterson and the City encourage residents to take action against illegal signs, it is a dangerous job.  "We don't want to endanger the residents, there are signs in the medians, and it is risky to take them down." If you see a sign that needs to be removed, you can report it to the City of Santa Clarita by calling, David Peterson at (661) 284-1460.  Usually, a reported sign will be removed within 24 hours. 


Hopefully, by removing illegal signs in Santa Clarita, we will make the SCV a better place to live.      



Illegal Signs Pop Up All Over Valley

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