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Independent Henry Mayo Analysis Fails To Provide Answers

Analysis can’t determine if site’s office space will be too much or not enough

Henry Mayo Hospital has been battling to get their master plan for expansion through all of the City approvals. Critics say that the plan is too big for the area, includes too many office buildings, and doesn’t specifically guarantee any hospital facilities will be built.


After months of going back and forth with the opposition, Henry Mayo recently decreased some of the square footage of the plan by removing one office building and one parking structure, a move critics had asked for. However, they also removed one hospital facility building.


It was requested by the City Council that an independent consultant firm conduct an assessment of the plan. This was hoped to bring information to them that would help in their decision making.


The independent analysis report dealing with Henry Mayo Hospital’s proposed Master Plan for Expansion has been completed and was released today, and the conclusions are…vague.


The study, conducted by Kurt Salmon Associates outlined their plans to be: the assessment of Henry Mayo’s master facility plan with respect to the scale of hospital plan, and the medical building plans. The medical office buildings were to be studied to find out whether or not they were of the appropriate scale with respect to “hospital operations, strategic plan and physician recruitment needs.”


So when the analysis of the plan was released today, it strived to make two very basic conclusions:

  • Does the plan call for enough hospital beds?
  • Is the number of medical office buildings in the plan really necessary?


As for the first question, the report concluded that yes, the total of three hundred and seventy beds that will be in place if Henry Mayo goes through with the plans as they are currently drawn up, will be adequate for the area.

On the second question, the report brought up that Henry Mayo has expressed that they would like to create “Centers of Excellence” in some of the medical office space. A “Center of Excellence” would be an office that specializes in things such as orthopedic, imaging, or cancer centers. They would also like to rent some of the space for administration. The rest would be rented by others. The conclusion in the report states “Depending on the amount of space used by the hospital to accommodate administration functions and the Centers of Excellence, the amount of remaining space is either deficient, adequate or excessive.”


Basically, the report says that depending on how much of the space Henry Mayo decides to use for their administration and “Centers of Excellence”, the extra space is either ok, or not ok.


The report does say that if all of the medical office space is used for physician practices, then it would be higher than the projected need.


Common as the “Centers of Excellence” may be, until the analysts know just how much space will be devoted to them, no conclusions can be made as to the appropriateness of the project’s scale.


The report was originally called for by Bob Kellar due to the fact that residents were calling into question whether the plan called for more office buildings than were normally included in other hospital’s plans.


That question has yet to be answered.


The report also specifies that whatever portions of the office building that are to be used for the “Centers of Excellence” should be identified and included in the plans before building begins, because the expense of converting regular office space to “Centers of Excellence” space afterwards would be high.


So the next step in this process will be for the issue to come before the City Council, which will happen on June 12th.


In the coming weeks, KHTS will share Henry Mayo’s perspective on this report, as well as that of the opposition, Smart Growth SCV.


Hopefully, the City Council will be able to unravel the information and create a fair solution.


This report, along with the Environmental Impact Report is available now at

Independent Henry Mayo Analysis Fails To Provide Answers

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