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Is Water Barrel Storage Really The Best Option For A Water Emergency?

Is Water Barrel Storage Really The Best Option For A Water Emergency?

The recent 6.0 earthquake in San Francisco has devastated families across the Bay Area, rupturing water lines and leaving several households without water for days. Though rescue agencies have reached out to those homes, limited resources make it vital that each household have their own emergency water supply.

Of the many systems of water storage, large barrel storage has been gaining a lot of attention. Though barrel storage does provide a seemingly more convenient alternative to small bottle storage, further investigation shows that it comes with many of the same issues on a larger scale. Because of this, the most effective way to store water is through a flow through tank system.

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The main issue with barrel storage is stagnation. Just like smaller bottles, larger barrels lack proper water flow. According to Dave Foucar of LifeTank, this means that “bacteria, algae, parasites and other pathogens can easily grow in your water supply.”

This is especially true when your barrels are stored in a hot atmosphere such as a garage. To counter the issue of stagnation water must be purified before drinking by either chlorine tabs or more ideally, boiling. This can be an issue in emergency situations where access to resources are limited.

Due to stagnation, barreled water must also be changed every 6 months. However with barrels averaging about 55 gallons each, and water weighing about 8.34 lbs a gallon, this means lugging 458 pounds of water to be emptied and refilled at your water source! This not only poses a great obstacle in maintenance, but the size of the barrels can also cause problems with water access during an emergency. 

The majority of water storage barrels are not only large, but are also made of plastic. Just like smaller bottles, in hot atmospheres this means that contaminates from the plastic can leak into the water supply. Without proper treatment this can render the supply undrinkable.

On top of that, plastic barrels are more susceptible to puncture from structural debris. Though barrels are often made from a thick plastic, the material is generally not heavy enough to withstand the weight and force of structural damage. If a barrel is punctured a good portion of your water supply could be at risk. 

With these limitations in mind, a more efficient way of storing water is through a tank system such as a LifeTank. LifeTank seamlessly resolves the issue of stagnation by utilizing it’s flow-through technology. Just as easily as you’d hook up a new dishwasher, LifeTank’s hose in hose out system integrates into your current plumbing.

The water you use throughout the day is pulled from the bottom of the tank to the home while it is replenished from the city supply into the top of the tank. This creates a constant flow that combats stagnation and eliminates the need for maintenance. In the instance of an emergency, a LifeTank isolates from the incoming water supply giving you access to fresh water through two easy to use spigots.

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LifeTanks are also constructed out of copolymer polypropylene and covered in a fiberglass and epoxy wrapping. Because of this, your water will be stored in a solid container that can endure much more damage than barrels.

This not only means your water supply is protected from possible puncture, but the material eliminates the risk of contaminates from the container leaking into your water supply.

Though barrels may seem like a more efficient way to store water, they actually pose the same and in some ways even more issues as small bottle storage. Because of this, your best bet for emergency water storage is a maintenance free flow-through system.

For all of the information you need to know about emergency water storage, download our complimentary emergency water storage report here.

For more information about how to safely store water, how much to store, and why it’s urgent that you prepare – download a free guide here.

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Is Water Barrel Storage Really The Best Option For A Water Emergency?

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