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Jack McClellan Arrested…Twice

Pedophile arrested twice on UCLA campus

Yesterday, Jack McClellan was arrested on the UCLA campus for being near an infant development center. That violated a statewide restraining order that two Santa Clarita lawyers had filed against him. He was also warned at that time to stay away from UCLA. 


However, later on that evening, McClellan showed up again to do a television interview and he was spotted and arrested again. He was held in jail overnight and ordered to appear in court this afternoon to face his charges.


At around 3:00pm, McClellan plead not guilty to charges of willful disobedience of a court order. A court case was scheduled for August 28th, and McClellan is being held pending $150,000 bail.


Anthony Zinnanti, the lawyer who argued for the temporary restraining order on August 3rd, told KHTS that he filed a separate civil contempt action today, with three counts of violating a court order. If Zinannti is able to prove that McClellan could have avoided violating the order, then McClellan could face up to five days in prison.  


Moving forward, Zinnanti says that he will coordinate his action with that of the Los Angeles City Attorney, as to not conflict with their case.   


Jack McClellan Arrested…Twice

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