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Jessica’s Law Moves Past Injunction

The following is a statement by Senator George Runner (R-Antelope Valley) and Assemblywoman Sharon Runner (R-Antelope Valley) in response to Judge Karlton’s decision to deny the injunction on Proposition 83.

“We are pleased with Judge Karlton’s decision today.  The decision allows us to continue to move forward on implementing Prop 83 and apply the new residency restrictions to sex offenders as they are being released from prison,” said Senator Runner.


Assemblywoman Runner said, “While individuals who have opposed Prop 83 have claimed there was confusion as to whether the law can be applied retroactively, Judge Karlton made it clear that it is well-established that California laws apply prospectively.”


Judge Karlton specifically stated, “…it is well-established in California that statutes operate prospectively unless there is clear evidence of intent to the contrary.”  He further added “this principle has been characterized as a ‘time honored principle’…that is ‘familiar to every law student.’”


Senator Runner said, “The will of the people will continue to be implemented.”


Jessica’s Law Moves Past Injunction

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