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Joe Messina Vying For Spot On Hart School Board

Local business leader advocates a change in focus

Joe Messina, one of the founders of the Wildcat Group, has announced that he plans on making a bid for one of the two seats up in this November’s Hart School Board elections.


Joe Messina

Messina is operating on a platform of change. While he notes that academically the present school board has been successful, he says that there are some changes in other areas that need to take place.


“We keep moving forward without an ‘accurate’ budget. If you keep moving forward without knowing how much you have, you will have to keep moving money around to try and finish the job, leaving other schools short changed in their modernization needs,” Messina says.


According to Messina, constantly shuffling money and plans around is hurting the district; “We can’t just keep dropping back to Plan B…Plan A has to work and Plan A will work if it’s been mapped out properly, if somebody’s been watching it properly and if we stay on task and on course.”


Another area that Messina sees a severe lacking in is vocational training. “The District does not take it seriously even after the last polling and open planning meetings show it as the number two most important item.” Messina  continued; “Again, academically they do a great job. But there are areas of the real world that they need to look at and realize that there are other people out there that are not going down the four year college course.”


Vocational training has been in the news recently, as Assemblyman Cameron Smyth has been a firm backer of Career Technology.


If Messina is elected to the School Board, he says that he would work to build relationships with local businesses and their organizations such as the Auto Dealers, Machinists Union, and similar career fields.  


There is also a change occurring right now in the diversity of the Santa Clarita Valley that Messina feels the Hart district needs to address. He proposes a balanced education for all students that include basic work skills, teachings on expectations in the workplace and work programs.


The Hart Board race will be on the ballot for the November 6th general election.


Messina has run for a spot on the School board before, and the last time he did, his 15,000 votes put him in fourth place, just behind the three incumbents who ran for re-election. He was the top voter getter of the six non-incumbents who ran for the board.


This year, two seats are up in the election, one seat is currently held by Steve Sturgeon and the other by Gloria Mercado-Fortine. Both board members have already announced that they will run for re-election. 


For those interested in finding out more about Joe Messina’s run for the William S. Hart School Board, he has set up a website where people can email him questions, make donations, or schedule a time for him to visit groups. That site is

Joe Messina Vying For Spot On Hart School Board

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