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Junior High Kids Raise One Grand For Single Mom

Religious Education group raises money to buy Christmas presents

Over a month ago, Blessed Kateri Catholic Church’s Junior High Religious Education “Edge” class initiated a Christmas project.  After weeks of collecting change and allowances, over 200 middle school students turned in about $1,000 to go towards a single mother struggling to support her daughter. 


The woman, who is a Santa Clarita resident, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has had brain surgery twice.  Before the last operation, she was required to give up the rights to her 9 year old daughter, because doctors said she might not make it through. 


Fortunately, she survived the operation, regained custody of her daughter, and the tumor is gone.  She currently isn’t able to work, and medical bills have left her without money to support her and her daughter.  Since then, she has moved in with her sister, who has her own children to care for. 


When one of the “Edge” teachers, or “facilitators” as they are called, heard of the woman, she immediately asked the children to help her, by raising money.  The kids responded by pledging money and bringing it in week by week.  By December, they had raised about $1,000.


When asked what she and her daughter would like for Christmas, she listed normal everyday things, such as clothes, food, and household items. 


With the money collected, the facilitators bought all the things on her list, as well as toys for the children.  “Once we bought all the necessary items, and we had enough money to get the kids some toys, because every child should have something to look forward to on Christmas,” says “Edge” facilitator Robin Futch. 


The facilitators brought the items to the church, where the kids wrapped them up in holiday paper.  After all the presents were finished, the facilitators welcomed the woman and her family inside the church. 


With her daughter at her side, and while clutching her 3 month old nephew, she shyly thanked the kids for their charity. 


“It was great for these kids to see the fruits of their work.  They raised the money, they wrapped the gifts, and they got to meet the family; it was a great experience for everybody,” says volunteer Karly Ryan. 


And thanks to the entire religious education class, this family will have a Christmas to remember. 

Junior High Kids Raise One Grand For Single Mom

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