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Jury Scam Makes Its Way Around Town

A new scam has been brought to light thanks to a vigilant
KHTS listener.

The scammer calls people and claims to be a jury
coordinator, they then tell the recipient that there is a warrant out for their
arrest because of a failure to appear for jury duty. In order to cancel the
arrest warrant, the caller asks for date of birth, social security number and
sometimes a credit card number.

The local and Federal courts are wise to these types of
scams and have posted warnings on their websites, and when potential jurors
call in for jury duty.

 “The courts will
never ask for any type of information over the phone,” said Superior Court
P.I.O Alan Parachini.


Cases have been reported in more the 10 states and the FBI
says that cases will continue to rise. 

The FBI has also issued a warning in a press release
advising the public to not give out any personal information over the phone and
if says if personal information has been released to contact the local FBI

For more information on the scam and what the FBI is doing
to combat fraud cases click here.  

Jury Scam Makes Its Way Around Town

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