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KHTS Endorses Kellar, Spierer

The following is a KHTS Editoral

As our City Council elections draw closer on Tuesday, April 8th it’s clear who is taking the high road and who, the low. After careful consideration, KHTS recommends you vote for Bob Kellar and Bob Spierer for City Council.



As Mayor, Kellar’s diligent work on fighting Cemex, tackling crime, and stopping the Las Lomas development make his selection a must for one of your two votes. Bob Spierer is our choice for the other open seat. He’s level headed, cool under fire and appears to be someone who will listen to all sides of an issue and make his decision based on its own merits, not from outside pressures.


We’re disappointed council candidate Laurie Ender decided to take the low road by mailing out a hit piece containing a number of misrepresentations. If she’s doing that now, we’re afraid of what she may be like if she does get handed real power. On Tuesday, April 8th, we urge you to vote for Bob Kellar and Bob Spierer.


KHTS Endorses Kellar, Spierer

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